1st Edition

Developmental Neurobiology

By Lynne Bianchi Copyright 2018
    360 Pages 275 Color Illustrations
    by Garland Science

    Developmental Neurobiology tells the extraordinary process of neural development by showing how the scientific discoveries were made and how the hypotheses evolved over time. Each chapter explores the specific mechanisms of development while highlighting the key experiments and methods used to make those discoveries—including descriptions of, and experiments utilizing, both invertebrate and vertebrate animal models. This distinctive approach provides the essential facts while strengthening the reader’s appreciation of the scientific method. Discussions of neurodevelopmental disorders and therapeutic approaches to them will captivate those interested in the more clinical aspects of the field. With its clear illustrations and easy-to-follow writing style, Developmental Neurobiology presents an accessible approach to neural development for undergraduate students.

    1. An Introduction to Developmental Neurobiology

    2. Neural Induction

    3. Segmentation of the Anterior–Posterior Axis

    4. Patterning Along the Dorsal–Ventral Axis

    5. Proliferation and Migration of Neurons

    6. Cell Determination and Early Differentiation

    7. Neurite Outgrowth, Axonal Pathfinding, and Initial Target Selection

    8. Neuronal Survival and Programmed Cell Death

    9. Synaptic Formation and Reorganization: The Neuromuscular Junction

    10. Synaptic Formation and Reorganization: The Central Nervous System


    Lynne Bianchi is Professor in the Department of Neuroscience and the Pre-Medical Program Director at Oberlin College where she has taught undergraduate students for over 15 years. Her research focuses on neuron-target interactions and the role of nerve growth factors in the embryonic auditory system.

    Developmental Neurobiology … is stimulating me to consider reviving my upper-level developmental neurobiology course, … [it] is a refreshingly powerful new textbook … because it is so obviously designed with advanced undergraduate readers in mind … Thus, a substantial part of my delight in this textbook arises from its frequent and colorful figures.  Developmental Neurobiology … skillfully shares the wonder and mysteries of how the nervous system arises for an undergraduate audience.  It is a thoughtful textbook that provides a strong resource to our community and our students …"

    --The Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, Fall 2018, 17 (1)