1st Edition

Developments in Counter-Terrorist Measures and Uses of Technology

Edited By Helen Fenwick Copyright 2012
    112 Pages
    by Routledge

    112 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This book considers some of the most notable aspects of the legal response to the "war on terror" post- 9/11 and the use of technology to support them. It examines the shift from a criminal justice response to the creation of a parallel preventive system running in tandem with it. This system has tended to veer away from the commission of criminal offences or adherence to ordinary criminal justice safeguards. Such a preventive strategy relies on targeting terrorist suspects – those who it is thought may in future commit terrorist acts – and curbing their actions with the aim of preventing terrorist activity before it occurs.

    The book further considers the role that surveillance plays in the counter-terrorist efforts of state or non-state actors. It also evaluates the counter-productive effects that many of these measures have had.

    This book was originally published as a special issue of International Review of Law Computers & Technology.

    1. Terrorism, CCTV and the Freedom Bill 2011: achieving compatibility with Article 8 ECHR? D Fenwick

    2. Terrorism, asset-freezing and the ECHR A Tomkins, L Lazarus, H Fenwick

    3. Control orders, TPIMS and the Human Rights Act G Phillipson and H Fenwick

    4. The Impact of counter-terror measures in the UK on Muslim communities T Choudhury and H Fenwick

    5. Preventing Terrorism, Video Surveillance and Human Rights:What about State Accountability ? Q Eijkman

    6. Surveillance – technological developments within the UK enhancing public safety or social threat? B Sheldon


    Helen Fenwick is Joint Director of the University of Durham Human Rights Centre. She is author of Civil Rights: New Labour, Freedom and the Human Rights Act (Longmans/Pearson, 2000); Media Freedom under the Human Rights Act (2006: OUP, with G Phillipson); Text, Cases and Materials on Public Law and Human Rights (3rd ed. Routledge: 2010, with G Phillipson) and Civil Liberties and Human Rights (4th ed. 2007, Routledge).