1st Edition

Developments in Family Therapy Theories and Applications Since 1948

Edited By Sue Walrond-Skinner Copyright 2014
    386 Pages
    by Routledge

    386 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Originally published in 1981, this volume presents papers by the leading British theorists and practitioners in family therapy from its beginnings up to the 1980s. It collected together for the first time a number of important previously published articles which had relevance and interest for family therapists of the day, and includes other chapters specially written for this book which reflected the most recent thinking on the topics covered at the time.

    The book is divided into three parts. The first, which includes papers by John Bowlby, R.D. Laing and A.C.R. Skynner, deals with the theory behind family therapy. In the second part we see the application of family therapy to specific clinical situations such as adolescent psychiatry, illness, death and mourning in the family, and marital therapy. The third part of the book covers various differential approaches within family therapy, including psychoanalysis, the experiential approach and family construct psychology.

    The papers in all three parts weld together ideas from the behavioural and the psychodynamic spheres of interest. Addressed as they are to theoretical issues and clinical applications, they linked together the past and future of family therapy at that time.

    Contributors.  Acknowledgments.  Introduction.  Part 1: Theory into Practice  1. John Bowlby The Study and Reduction of Group Tensions in the Family  2. R.D. Laing Intervention in Social Situations  3. R.D. Scott The Treatment Barrier  4. A.C.R. Skynner A Group-Analytic Approach to Conjoint Family Therapy  5. Gill Gorell Barnes Working with the Family Group: Some Problems of Practice  6. John Byng-Hall Family Myths used as Defence in Conjoint Family Therapy  7. Sue Walrond-Skinner Indications and Contra-Indications for the use of Family Therapy  Part 2: Application  8. Peter Bruggen and Graham Davies Family Therapy in Adolescent Psychiatry  9. John Byng-Hall and Peter Bruggen Family Admission Decisions as a Therapeutic Tool  10. Bryan Lask Illness in the Family: A Conceptual Model  11. Dora Black Mourning and the Family  12 Arnon Bentovim and Warren Kinston Brief Focal Family Therapy when the Child is the Referred Patient  13. Anthony Ryle and Susan Lipshitz Recording Change in Marital Therapy with the Reconstruction Grid  14. John R. Lickorish A Behavioural Interactional Model for Assessing Family Relationships  Part 3: Differential Approaches  15. Christopher Dare Psychoanalysis and Family Therapy  16. Gill Gorell Barnes Family Bits and Pieces: Framing a Workable Reality  17. Erica De’Ath Experiential Family Therapy  18. Stuart Lieberman The ‘Extended Family’ School of Family Therapy  19. Harry Procter Family Construct Psychology: An Approach to Understanding and Treating Families.  Name Index.  Subject Index.


    Walrond-Skinner, Sue