1st Edition

Developments in Maritime Transportation and Exploitation of Sea Resources IMAM 2013

    1160 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Developments in Maritime Transportation and Exploitation of Sea Resources covers recent developments in maritime transportation and exploitation of sea resources, encompassing ocean and coastal areas. The book brings together a selection of papers reflecting fundamental areas of recent research and development in the fields of:

    – Ship Hydrodynamics

    – Marine Structures

    – Ship Design

    – Shipyard Technology

    – Ship Machinery

    – Maritime Transportation, and

    – Safety and Reliability

    Issues such as the Environment, Renewable Energy, Wave and Wind Modelling, Coastal Engineering, Fisheries and Legal Maritime Aspects are also addressed. Developments in Maritime Transportation and Exploitation of Sea Resources is intended for academics and professionals involved in the development of marine transportation and the exploitation of sea resources.

    VOLUME 1

    Resistance and propulsion

    A boundary element method for the hydrodynamic analysis of flapping-foil thrusters operating beneath the free surface and in waves
    E.S. Filippas & K.A. Belibassakis

    Ship wake scaling and effect on propeller performances
    S. Gaggero, D. Villa, M. Viviani & E. Rizzuto

    Experimental investigation of the trim influence on the resistance characteristics of five ship models
    M.N. Iakovatos, D.E. Liarokapis & G.D. Tzabiras

    Analysis of the free surface turbulent flow around a forward moving Wigley hull with OpenFOAM
    F. Inok, A. Lavrov & C. Guedes Soares

    Hydrodynamic optimization of the bulbous bow shape
    D. Matulja & R. Dejhalla

    Investigation of various parameters affecting the resistance characteristics of two catamaran cargo ships
    G. Pallas, K. Nikas, S.P. Polyzos, G.D. Tzabiras & G.N. Zaraphonitis

    A new concept of a vertical axis propeller
    P. Pasetto, L. Barnabà, M.M. Bracco & I. Zotti

    A contribution to appendage drag extrapolation using computational tools
    A.O. Remolà, L. Pérez-Rojas & F.P. Arribas

    Resistance reduction of a model with deeply submerged transom
    G. Tzabiras & A. Laskari

    Seakeeping and manoeuvring

    First principles applied to submersible maneuvering
    H. Brinati, M. de Conti, M. Szajnbok & V. Domiciano

    Integration of seakeeping and powering computational techniques with meteo-marine forecasting data for in-service ship energy assessment
    A. Coraddu, M. Figari, S. Savio, D. Villa & A. Orlandi

    Manoeuvrability and course stability of the kite towed ship under influence of the external factors
    V.N. Grosan & E. Barsan

    Twin-deck Ro-Ro/Pax ship seakeeping optimization by the motion sickness incidence
    A. Scamardella & V. Piscopo

    The overall motion induced interruptions in seakeeping optimization analysis
    A. Scamardella & V. Piscopo

    Experimental investigations of roll damping of the C11 containership for the prediction of parametric rolling in regular waves
    A. Turk, J. Prpić-Oršić, S.R. Silva & C. Guedes Soares

    A high level architecture framework for real-time simulation of ship towing operations in virtual environments
    J.M. Varela & C. Guedes Soares

    Hull optimization of semisubmersible with multidirectional seakeeping criteria evaluated with neural network response surface
    R.Z. Venzon, T.P. Tancredi & B.L.R. de Andrade

    Comparison of simplified approaches and numerical tools to predict the loads on bottom slamming of ship structures
    S. Wang & C. Guedes Soares

    Fluid flows

    Performance study of an anti-sloshing floating device for membrane-type LNG tanks
    M. Arai, R. Suzuki, T. Ando & N. Kishimoto

    Analysis of complex fluid flow test cases with OpenFOAM
    F. Inok, A. Lavrov & C. Guedes Soares

    Experimental investigation of bi-stability in a vertically excited rectangular tank with finite liquid depth
    N. Kaloumenos, A. Grammatikopoulos, C.C. Spandonidis & K.J. Spyrou

    Numerical study on hydroelastic water entry of a wedge
    S. Wang & C. Guedes Soares

    Ship operation

    Stability problems arising from fire-fighting measures for Ro-Ro ship: Simulation model and possible actions to improve the drainage system
    M. Acanfora & T. Coppola

    Ship stability in wave: A proposal method for dynamic behaviour evaluation
    M. Acanfora, T. Coppola & F. De Luca

    Hydrodynamic aspects of a side-by-side LNG-transfer concept
    G.F. Clauss, D. Testa, M. Dudek & S. Stuppe

    The prediction of the interceptor performances based on towing tank test data: Ship-model correlation and hull form influence
    F. De Luca & C. Pensa

    Experimental investigation of a BOC-50 sailing yacht model in regular and random head waves
    G. Papantonatos, D.E. Liarokapis, K.N. Sfakianaki, J. Trahanas & G. Grigoropoulos

    The influence of heel on the performance of a sailing boat
    K.N. Sfakianaki, V.G. Priftis & G.D. Tzabiras

    Gap distance analysis of floating structures in tandem arrangement
    C.L. Siow, J. Koto, H. Abyn & A. Maimum

    Ship performances and consumption: Analysis for a RO-RO passenger ship
    G. Stranieri, A. Bracco, P. Gualeni, L. Sebastiani & S. Qualich

    Operability analysis of a high speed car/passenger ferry
    T. Tezdogan, Y.K. Demirel, G. Mortola, A. Incecik, O. Turan & H. Khalid

    Marine structures

    Ship side damage due to collision with icebergs
    N. Addario, E. Rizzuto & A. Prestileo

    Optimal structural design of small ships with response surface
    V.T. Chaves, T.P. Tancredi & B.L.R. de Andrade

    Numerical analysis of the effects of weld parameters on distortions and residual stresses in butt welded steel plates
    B.-Q. Chen, M. Hashemzadeh & C. Guedes Soares

    Residual stresses relaxation of welded structures under alternate loading
    J.M. Gordo

    Comparison between different heat sources types in thin-plate welding simulation
    M. Hashemzadeh, B.-Q. Chen & C. Guedes Soares

    The influence of core material on strength properties of hybrid sandwich panels
    J. Kozak & K. Niklas

    An approach to estimate the ship longitudinal strength using numerical databases of stress-strain curves of stiffened panels
    S.H. Makouei, A.P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares

    Fatigue analysis of off-shore wellheads during drilling operations carried out from semi-submersible units
    F. Oppicini, E. Rizzuto & M. Russo

    Reduction of the ultimate strength due to crack propagation in damaged ship structure
    B.B. Primorac & J. Parunov

    Ultimate strength assessment of steel plates with a large opening
    S. Saad-Eldeen, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

    Restoring stiffness formulations and their influence on ship hydroelastic response
    I. Senjanović, N. Hadžić, N. Vladimir & M. Tomić

    Ultimate strength of a plate accounting for shakedown effect and corrosion degradation
    M. Tekgoz, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

    Analysis of collisions between tugs and tankers
    R. Villavicencio & C. Guedes Soares

    Fatigue damage analysis of a fixed offshore wind turbine supporting structure
    B. Yeter, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

    Spectral fatigue assessment of an offshore wind turbine structure under wave and wind loading
    B. Yeter, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

    Thermal stability of epoxies for recreational crafts
    S. Zaragoza, A. Álvarez, J. Tarrío-Saavedra, B. Álvarez, S. Naya & S. Gómez

    Ship design

    Integration of human factors into the ship design process
    P. Antão, A.P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares

    Basic designing principles of dry-cargo vessels and tankers constructions of river-sea going type
    G.V. Egorov

    Optimization of hull form for “Volgo-Don max” class river-sea vessels
    G.V. Egorov, I.A. Ilnitskiy, V.I. Tonyuk, B.N. Stankov & S.N. Baskakov

    Multi-objective optimization of container ship design
    G. Koutroukis, A. Papanikolaou, L. Nikolopoulos, P. Sames & M. Köpke

    Synthesis and optimization of oceanographic ship design
    D.S. Oliveira, F.M. Passos, G.M. Karuka & T.P. Tancredi

    Simulation of loading/discharging procedure of tankers
    T. Plessas, A. Papanikolaou, M. Pytharoulis, E. Boulougouris & N. Adamopoulos

    An evolutionary framework for the automatic design and optimization of AHTS vessels
    P.C. Sobrino, M.M. González, C.G. Lamas & V.D. Casás

    Multiobjective optimization of tugboats
    T.P. Tancredi & B.L.R. Andrade

    Ship dimensioning in the initial design
    M. Ventura

    Shipyard technology

    Efficiency analysis of quality assurance methods applied at shipyard pipe production process
    T. Buksa, D. Pavletic & M. Forempoher-Skuver

    Conceptual design of shipyard for seagoing ships on the river Danube 5
    B. Ljubenkov & K. Žiha

    On the productivity of shipyards when adopting group technology concept
    M.A. Mosaad, R.R. Abdelghany & A.D. Sayed

    The production management of the Brazilian shipyards, with the national fleet renewal program
    D.A. Moura & R.C. Botter

    Ship machinery

    Simulation study on the interaction between sailing and motor propulsion to optimize performance and control of the tall ship “Amerigo Vespucci”
    M. Altosole, M. Figari, M. Martelli, L. Passano, M. Rocca, M. Giuliano & L. Piva

    Developing an analytical model for a marine diesel engine test stand
    H.Ü. Başaran

    Simulation model of a methane-fuelled four stroke marine engine for studies on low emission propulsion systems
    G. Benvenuto, M. Laviola & U. Campora

    Improvement of exhaust gas heat recovery from marine diesel engines
    G. Benvenuto, A. Trucco & U. Campora

    Carbon capture and storage—solidification and storage of CO2 captured on ships
    H. Wang & P. Zhou

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    VOLUME 2

    Maritime transportation

    Assessing the impact of marine terminal gate operational and infrastructure improvements
    A. Anagnostopoulou, E. Sdoukopoulos & M. Boile

    Document management tool for the maintenance of vessels
    A.M. Doce, P.C. Sobrino, A.M. Casdelo & A.M. López

    Conceptualizing seaports as institutional and operational clusters on a contextual basis
    K. Ibrahimi

    Conceptualizing seaports firms and functions as operational and institutional interrelations: The Gov-Ad-Man approach
    K. Ibrahimi

    A study on the Eco-Shipping support system for keeping regularity of ship’s schedule
    T. Kano & T. Seta

    Modelling the dynamic routing of containers in the global trade
    A.G. Novaes, N. Maculan, M.A.C. Netto & A.E. Rezende

    Technical efficiency and productivity in ship operation
    F. Pires Jr., I.R. Azevedo, L.F. Assis & C.B. Vieira

    Application of set partition based fleet scheduling system to Japanese coastal oil tanker fleet
    T. Seta & T. Kano

    Safety and reliability

    Safety assessment of maritime transport—Bayesian risk-based approach in different fields of maritime transport
    T. Abramowicz-Gerigk & Z. Burciu

    Computer based program for fitting cargo area foam fixed fire-fighting equipment on chemical tankers
    N. Acomi & O.C. Acomi

    Analysis of the relative importance of ultimate limit state variables in the reliability analysis of tankers and bulk carriers
    A.W. Hussein & C. Guedes Soares

    Tracking of ships navigation in the Strait of Malacca using automatic identification system
    J. Koto, M. Rashidi & A. Maimum

    NCAGS a tool for protection of maritime traffic
    E. Madariaga, L. Sánchez, C.A. Pérez-Labajos, A. Ortega, B. Blanco & J.M. Oria

    Reliability analysis of a corroded double hull Aframax tanker ship for hull girder and deck panel limit states
    S.H. Makouei, A.P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares

    Safety and operability of small fishing vessels: Study of a series of stability-related accidents
    F. Mata-Álvarez-Santullano & A. Souto-Iglesias

    Improving security through visibility in intermodal transports
    R. Müller, G. Gräf, N. Meyer-Larsen & L. Maier

    An introduction to the estimation of the Reliability, Availability and Maintainability of a submarine using Monte Carlo simulation
    S. Naya, R. Cao, A. Jácome, I. López-de-Ullibarri, M. Oliveira & S. Muñoz

    Probabilistic analysis of damage stability of ships based on metamodels
    L. Naydenov & P. Georgiev

    Validation and verification of modified DRM with respect to its application in the reliability based design approach
    K. Piric, S. Kitarovic & V. Zanic

    The use of consequence analysis tools in fire-safety design of Nile-floating hotels
    A.M. Salem, E.M. Dabess, A.A. Banawan & H.W. Leheta

    Towards risk—based fire safety assessment of passenger ships
    K.J. Spyrou, N. Themelis & N. Nikolaou

    Usage of the propulsion system of a ship in order to safely refloat her
    A. Varsami & E. Barsan

    Marine environment

    Exhaust smoke dispersion for a generic frigate: Computational modeling and comparisons with experiments
    E. Dobrucal & S. Ergin

    Environmental status of the North-Eastern Baltic Sea: The results of long-term monitoring of organochlorine compounds
    L. Järv, M. Simm, T. Raid, L. Parts & A. Järvik

    Modelling of oil spill impacts on shoreline in Egypt
    A.K. Mehanna, M.Y. Omar, A.A. Hassan, E.A. Turki, E.H. Hegazy & H. Elkilani

    Monitoring the quality of air in the port of Naples
    F. Murena, M.V. Prati & F. Quaranta

    Oil spill risk assessment (case study)
    M.Y. Omar, A.A. Hassan, M.A. Algthami & E.H. Hegazy

    Numerical simulations of ship resistance in model ice
    T. Tomac, A. Klanac, M. Katalinić, S. Ehlers, R. von Bock und Polach, M. Suominen & J. Montewka

    A case study for oil spillage in Greek waters: Results based on simulation
    N.P. Ventikos

    Renewable energy

    Numerical simulation of a horizontal axis tidal turbine with a pre-swirl stator
    I. Amin & Q. Xiao

    Numerical simulation of steady and unsteady current velocity of a vertical axis marine turbine
    I. Amin & Q. Xiao

    Efficiency assessments for different WEC types in the Canary Islands
    O.M. Andrés, F.C. Ruiz & L. Rusu

    Motion responses of a semi-submersible floating wind turbine in irregular waves
    M. Asghari & N. Fonseca

    Vessel charter rate estimation for offshore wind O&M activities
    Y. Dalgic, I. Lazakis & O. Turan

    Characterization of different typologies of floating platforms for offshore wind turbines
    S. Ferreño-González, L. Castro-Santos, V. Díaz-Casás & J.A. Fraguela-Formoso

    Reliability based design loads of an offshore semi-submersible floating wind turbine
    D. Karmakar & C. Guedes Soares

    Analysis of logistics concepts for a cost-efficient installation of offshore wind farms
    K. Lange, H.-D. Haasis & H. Schuett

    On the assessment of extreme forces on a floating spar wind turbine
    V. Nava, C. Guedes Soares & F. Arena

    Offshore wind farms: Potential and applicability in the Southern Marmara Region, Turkey
    E. Oguz, M.A. Akgul & A. Incecik

    Numerical study of a large floating oscillating water column device using a 2D boundary element method
    K. Rezanejad & C. Guedes Soares

    Efficiency assessment for different WEC types operating in the Portuguese coastal environment
    E. Rusu, D. Silva & C. Guedes Soares

    Wave & wind modelling

    Sheltering effect of islands on the Pacific swell
    J.F. Humeniuk, S.P. de León, N. Violante-Carvalho, L.M. de Carvalho & C. Guedes Soares

    Modelling the effect of wave current interaction at the mouth of the Danube river
    E. Rusu & C. Guedes Soares

    Forecasting containership responses in the Azores Archipelago
    L. Rusu & C. Guedes Soares

    Assessing the offshore wind energy potential along the coasts of Portugal and Galicia
    N. Salvação, M. Bernardino & C. Guedes Soares

    Assessment of the mean wave energy potential of the Atlantic European coast using numerical models
    C. Guedes Soares, A.R. Bento, M. Gonçalves, D. Silva & P. Martinho

    Evaluation of the wave power potential in the northwestern side of the Iberian nearshore
    A.M. Vaquero, F.C. Ruiz & E. Rusu

    Assessment of off-shore wave energy in the Black Sea on the basis of long-term wave hindcast
    N.N. Valchev, N.K. Andreeva & N.N. Valcheva

    Wind sea and swell waves in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean
    R. Vettor, A. Semedo, C. Guedes Soares, Ø. Breivik, A. Sterl & M. Reistad

    Coastal engineering

    Transformation of wave conditions in nearshore and coastal areas by a 3D coupled-mode wave model
    K.A. Belibassakis, G.A. Athanassoulis, Th.P. Gerostathis & V. Katsardi

    Wave propagation against current: A study of the effects of vertical shears of the mean current on the geometrical focusing of water waves
    J. Charland, J. Touboul & V. Rey

    Modelling the effect of obstacles on the 2D wave propagation with OpenFOAM
    J.F.M. Gadelho, A. Lavrov & C. Guedes Soares


    Reducing by-catch in Portuguese trawl fisheries with a view on a future discard-ban at EU level—a technological approach
    A. Campos, P. Fonseca, V. Henriques & J. Parente

    Design and retrofit of the propulsion of trawlers to improve their efficiency
    J.-M. Laurens, J.-B. Leroux & S. Coache

    Propulsion system improvement for trawlers
    E. Notti & A. Sala

    Managing the spatial and temporal pattern of Baltic herring trawl fishery: A potential tool for sustainable resource management?
    T. Raid, L. Järv, A. Hallang, H. Shpilev, O. Kaljuste & A. Järvik

    Legal aspects

    Aspects concerning the social assistance in seamen repatriation situations
    C. Anechitoae, G. Serban, A.L. Pandele & F. Brasoveanu

    Seamen welfare at sea and in ports—social assistance issues
    C. Anechitoae, G. Serban, A.L. Pandele & F. Brasoveanu

    Safety and legal aspects related to ship registration system
    K. Lapa, E. Xhelilaj & P. Cacaj

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    Carlos Guedes Soares Technical University of Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal, Ferando Lopez Pena