10th Edition

The Interactionist Perspective

ISBN 9780205503711
Published July 24, 2007 by Routledge
496 Pages

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Book Description

This highly successful reader presents the interactionist approach to the study of deviance, examining deviance as a phenomenon that is constituted through social interpretations and the reactions of persons caught up in this social process. This book focuses on issues such as how individuals interpret and label people, how people relate to one another based on these interpretations, and the consequences of these social processes. This perspective helps students understand both social process in general and the sociology of deviance in particular.

Table of Contents

Preface.  General Introduction.  Part 1: The Social Deviant  Part 1A: The Process of Social Typing  1. Outsiders Howard S. Becker  2. Redheads as Deviant Types Druann Maria Heckert and Amy Best  3. Wheelchair Users Spenser E. Cahill and Robin Eggleston  Part 1B: The Cultural Context  4. Labeling the Mentally Retarded Jane R Mercer  5. Fecal Matters Martin S Weinberg and Colin J Williams  6. The Labeling of Sexual Harrassment Kirsten Dellinger and Christine L Williams  Part 1C: Accommodation to Deviance  7. How Women Experience Battering Kathleen J Ferraro and John M Johnson  8. Accommodation to Madness Michael Lynch  9. When Accommodation Breaks Down J. Scott Kenney  Part 1D: The Role of Third Parties  10. The Enforcement of College Alcohol Policy Earl S Rubington  11. Paranoia and the Dynamics of Exclusion Edwin M Lemert  12. The Moral Career of the Mental Patient Erving Goffman  Part 2: The Formal Regulation of Deviance Part 2A: Agencies and Their Theories  13. Case Routinization in Investigative Police Work William B Waegel  14. Control Agents and the Creation of Deviant Types Kathryn J Fox  15. Experts on Battered Women Donileen R Loseke and Spencer E Cahill  Part 2B: Organizational Processing of Deviants  16. Discipline in an Urban High School Edward W Morris  17. Sexual Assault Lisa Frohmann  18. Mental Illness Assumptions in Commitment Hearings James A Holstein  Part 2C: The Effects of Contact with Control Agents  19. The Saints and the Roughnecks William J Chambliss  20. Medical Diagnosis and the Reinforcement of Deviant Labels Adina Nack  21. The Positive Consequences of Stigma Nancy J Herman and Charlene E Miall  Part 3: Relations Among Deviants  Part 3A: The Social Organization of Deviants  22. Types of Relationships Joel Best and David F Luckenbill  23. Self-Injurers as Loners Patricia A Adler and Peter Adler  24. Collegiate Rugby and Subcultural Deviance Kenneth B Muir and Trina Seitz  Part 3B: Getting Into Deviant Groups  25. Becoming a Nudist Martin S Weinberg  26. Getting into Gangs Martin Sanchez Jankowski  27. Doing Porn Sharon Abbott  Part 3C: Acculturation to Group Norms  28. The Code of the Streets Elijah Anderson  29. The Nudist Management of Respectability Martin S Weinberg  30. Lesbians' Resistance to Culturally-Defined Attractiveness Liahna Gordon  Part 3D: Social Diversity  31. Crack Use on a College Campus Curtis Jackson-Jacobs  32. Outsiders in a Hearing World Paul C Higgins  33. Diversity in Panhandling Stephen E Lankenau  Part 4: Deviant Identity  Part 4A: Acquiring a Deviant Identity  34. Becoming Bisexual Martin S Weinberg, Colin J Williams and Douglas W Pryor  35. Anorexia, Bulimia and Developing a Deviant Identity Penelope A McLorg and Diane E Taub  36. Tattoos Without Stigma Katherine Irwin  Part 4B: Managing a Deviant Identity  37. Modes of Suburban Gay Identity Wayne Brekhus  38. Pit Bull Owners and Stigma Hillary Wining and Arnold Arluke and Gary Patronek  39. Veterinarians' Deviance and Neutralization Techniques DeAnn K Gauthier  Part 4C: Transforming Deviant Identity  40. Natural Recovery Robert Granfield and William Cloud  41. Getting Out of the Life Ira Sommers, Deborah R Baskin and Jeffrey Fagan  42. Medicalizing and Demedicalizing Hermaphroditism Martin S Weinberg, Colin J Williams and Bo Laurent

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    Earl S Rubington, Northeastern University
    Martin S. Weinberg, Indiana University