462 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    462 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The second edition of Deviance Today is a contemporary collection of original chapters in the field of deviant behavior. This new edition has 16 new chapters. All of the chapters reflect the current trend in the sociology of deviance. This reader covers major theories in the sociology of deviant behavior, from classic ones such as anomie/strain theory and labeling theory to modern ones such as life course perspective. In addition, this anthology encompasses a wide spectrum of deviant behaviors.

    This is a user-friendly reader, put together with students in mind. The chapters are not only authoritative, but also interesting. The chapters were written by respected experts in their field of study. Most important, unique to this reader, these chapters have been carefully written for clarity, conciseness, and forcefulness. Students will therefore find them easy and enjoyable to read while learning about deviance.


    Part One- Positivist Theories

    Part Two- Constructionist Theories

    Part Three- Criminal Behavior

    Part Four-Elite Deviance/Corporate Crime

    Part Five- Substance Abuse

    Part Six- Sexual Deviance

    Part Seven- Physical Deviance

    Part Eight- Deviant Communities/Groups

    Part Nine- Medical/Mental Deviance

    Part Ten- Cyber Deviance/Global Deviance


    Addrain Conyers is an associate professor and chair of criminal justice at Marist College. His teaching and research interests center on criminology, deviant behavior, corrections, social psychology, and race relations. He has authored and edited numerous chapters and readers in the areas of deviance and criminology, and is the recipient of multiple teaching and mentorship awards. He has also published in numerous journals including Sociological Spectrum, Challenge, Administrative Theory & Praxis, and Public Administration Quarterly.

    Thomas C. Calhoun was a professor emeritus at Jackson State University. His teaching and research interests focused on deviance, juvenile delinquency, qualitative methods, and race relations. He published extensively in the area of deviance and juvenile delinquency. He authored and edited readers in deviant behavior and juvenile delinquency. He also published in numerous journals including Sociological Spectrum, Deviant Behavior, Sociological Focus, and Western Journal of Black Studies. He was the past president of the Association of Black Sociologists, Mid-South Sociological Association, and North Central Sociological Association.