1st Edition

Dialogues on the Theory and Practice of Literary Translation

By Xu Jun Copyright 2020
    252 Pages
    by Routledge

    252 Pages
    by Routledge

    The book is a collection of the dialogues between Xu Jun, a well-known expert in French literary translation and eminent “Changjiang” scholar in translation studies in China, and some celebrated literary translators in contemporary China, some of whom are also literary scholars, linguists, poets, prose writers, and editors. It is a fundamental achievement of research on the literary translation in the 20th century in China, involving multiple literary types, such as novels, poetry, dramas, prose, and fairy tales; and multiple languages, such as English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Sanskrit. The dialogues are centered on fundamental issues in the theory and practice of literary translation, such as re-creation in literary translation, the relationship between form and content in literary translation, the subjectivity of literary translators, literary translation standards and principles, the gains and losses in literary translation, the principles and methods of literary criticism, and so on.

    Those translation experts’ experience and multiple strategies not only play an active role in guiding literary translators in practice but also benefit theoretical development in literary translation. Thus, the book will contribute to worldwide translation studies and get well recognized by translation studies students, teachers, and scholars in the world. 

    Foreword to the Chinese edition: Tradition and Innovation

    List of abbreviations

    Part I: On the Importance of Literary Translation

    1. Translation Is Crucial!Ji Xianlin and Xu Jun

    2. The Importance of High-Quality Translations

    Ye Junjian and Xu Jun

    Part II: On the Re-Creation in Literary Translation

    3. On the Re-Creation in Literary Translation

     Luo Xinzhang, Shi Kangqiang, Yuan Xiaoyi and Xu Jun

    4. Translation as the Re-Creation of the Source Text

    Li Mang and Xu Jun

    5. Translation as an Artistic (Re-)Creation Is Boundless

    Xiao Qian, Wen Jieruo, and Xu Jun

    6. Translation as the "Art of Beautification"

    Xu Yuanchong and Xu Jun

    Part III: On Literary Translation Principles

    7. To Set Principles and Do Accordingly: On the Style of Translation

    Guo Hongan and Xu Jun

    8. Faithfulness, Expressiveness, and Elegance vs. Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

    Tu An and Xu Jun

    9. The Unity of Form and Spirit in Poetry Translation

    Jiang Feng and Xu Jun

    10. To Preserve the Original Artistic Style as Much as Possible

    Lü Tongliu and Xu Jun

    Part IV: On the Literary Translator

    11. On the Subjectivity of Literary Translators

    Yang Wuneng and Xu Jun

    12. To Be Honest and to Translate Earnestly

    Cao Ying and Xu Jun

    13. The Translator Should Have Multiple Strategies

    Li Wenjun and Xu Jun

    Part V: On the Gains and Losses in Literary Translation

    14. The Gains and Losses in Translation

    Fang Ping and Xu Jun

    15. Translation Is Well-Known, But Its Gains and Losses Are Only Known to the Translators: On the Translation of Le Rouge et le Noir

    Zhao Ruihong and Xu Jun

    Part VI: On Literary Translation Criticism

    16. Orienting Literary Translation

    Xu Jun and Yuan Xiaoyi

    17. From "Dreaming" to Reality

    Xu Jun and Yuan Xiaoyi

    Part VII: Other Relevant Issues

    18. Translation and Creative Writing

    Zhao Ruihong, Yang Yi and Xu Jun

    19. Language and Translation

    Chen Yuan and Xu Jun

    20. Translating and Introducing Latin American Literature in China

    Lin Yian and Xu Jun


    Postscript to the Chinese Edition


    Xu Jun is Distinguished Professor of Translation Studies in the School of International Studies, Zhejiang University. His major research interests cover literary translation, translation theory, and translation criticism. His publications include five monographs including《论翻译》(On Translation), 《二十世纪法国文学在中国的译介与接受》(The Translation and Acceptance of French Literature in China in the Twentieth Century), and dozens of papers published in the core journals of translation studies in China and abroad.