1st Edition

Dictionary of Bibliometrics

By Virgil P Diodato, Peter Gellatly Copyright 1994

    Everything you need to know about Bibliometrics in a convenient, easy-to-use, mini-encyclopedia of terms and phrases!

    Bibliometrics, the application of mathematical and statistical techniques to the study of publishing and professional communication, is a helpful science to master in many fields. The Dictionary of Bibliometrics contains 225 non-technical definitions of key terms and phrases that will aid all who deal with this science. Each entry is briefly defined in everyday language with simple numerical examples and is followed by sample references that direct the reader to more detailed information about the entry. This is the only source with a substantial collection of bibliometric terms located in one comprehensive, easy-to-use book.

    Librarians who use bibliometrics to evaluate their collections, information scientists who study the theoretical aspects of bibliometrics, and subject specialists who use bibliometrics to study communication in their respective fields will save time by finding hundreds of definitions in this one-of-a-kind volume.

    Some of the topics covered in the Dictionary of Bibliometrics include:

    • descriptions and examples of Bradford’s law, Lotka’s law, and Zipf’s law
    • various aspects of citation analysis
    • application of bibliometrics to the study of communication in the physical and natural sciences
    • reports of journal analyses
    • accounts of several ways to study the obsolescence or disuse of articles in a given subject field

      This tool will serve anyone working or interested in the fields of publishing and professional communication. Included in the text are suggested sources of further information and an index of personal names. The Dictionary of Bibliometrics is a valuable, handy resource that you’ll refer to again and again!

    Contents I. Preface
    • Purpose of the Dictionary
    • Audience
    • Scope: Bibliometrics; Informetrics; Scientometrics
    • Scope: Scholarly Communication; Evaluation of Information Services
    • Selection of Terms
    • Special Features
    • Mathematical Terminology and Symbols
    • Quotes
    • Acknowledgments
    • II. Dictionary
    • III. Sample References
    • IV. Index of Names


    Diodato, Virgil P; Gellatly, Peter