1st Edition

Dictionary of Christianity

Edited By J.C. Cooper Copyright 1996

    First Published in 1996. A comprehensive reference guide to saints, popes, martyrs, orders, heresies, schisms and religious movements and practices, the Dictionary of Christianity is an alphabetically-arranged volume of essential facts about Christianity and the Christian church. It includes: accounts of the lives of theologians, philosophers, and reformers whose works influenced the development of Christianity; biblical statistics and information about the chief editions of the Bible; the lives of saints, including their feast days; and details about offices and vestments, rituals and festivals. In recent years there has been an upsurge in ecumenical movements, and increased communication between Eastern and Western Catholics and Protestants. There has also been an increase in the membership of the Eastern Church in Western countries and, with the fall of Communism in Russia, a revival of the Russian Orthodox Church. In responseto this phenomena, the Dictionary of Christianity covers all the main branches of the Christian church. It will be an invaluable reference for all students of religion.

    Preface, Acknowledgements, Cross-references, Abbreviations, Dictionary of Christianity


    J.C. Cooper

    "Libraries that need a source with concise coverage of past and current Christianity will find this book useful." -- Booklist/RBB
    "It provides much factual and up-to-date knowledge about Christian doctrines, practices, Churches, groups and organizations." -- Times Literary Supplement
    "Useful for any academic library supporting religious studies programs." -- American Reference Books Annual
    "This dictionary provides a ready reference source for people and activities in the Christian church. Recommended for undergraduate collections." -- Choice