1st Edition

Dictionary of Contemporary Germany

    A series of dictionaries on the contemporary milieu of the world's most important countries. The Contemporary Country Dictionary series are not tourist guides--though tourists with a serious interest in countries they are visiting will find them of great help in learning more about these societies.

    These alphabetical reference guides have been compiled to give up-to-date information on all aspects of each country--explanations of terms that are outside the scope of a standard dictionary or encyclopedia--including acronyms, political and legal institutions, cultural phenomena, social welfare programs, industrial concerns, media, literary and political personalities, and much more.

    Each Dictionary has been compiled by two people--a native of the individual country and an English-speaking collaborator from either Great Britain or the United States. Readers are thus assured of authoritative information that is rendered in terms comprehensible to English-language readers. The Dictionaries will prove invaluable to researchers, librarians, and students.

    Chapter 1 A; Chapter 2 B; Chapter 3 C; Chapter 4 D; Chapter 5 E; Chapter 6 F; Chapter 7 G; Chapter 8 H; Chapter 9 I; Chapter 10 J; Chapter 11 K; Chapter 12 L; Chapter 13 M; Chapter 14 N; Chapter 15 O; Chapter 16 P; Chapter 17 Q; Chapter 18 R; Chapter 19 S; Chapter 20 T; Chapter 21 U; Chapter 22 V; Chapter 23 W; Chapter 24 Z;


    Tristam Carrington-Windo, Katrin Kohl