Dictionary of Critical Realism  book cover
1st Edition

Dictionary of Critical Realism

Edited By

Mervyn Hartwig

ISBN 9780415260992
Published April 19, 2007 by Routledge
560 Pages

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Book Description

Dictionary of Critical Realism fulfils a vital gap in the literature, Critical Realism is often criticised for being too opaque and deploying too much jargon, thereby making the concepts inaccessible for a wider audience. However, as Hartwig puts it 'Just as the tools of the various skilled trades need to be precision-engineered for specific, interrelated functions, so meta-theory requires concepts honed for specific interrelated tasks: it is impossible to think creatively at that level without them.'

This Dictionary seeks to redress this problem; to throw open the important contribution of Critical Realism to a wider audience for the first time, by thoroughly explaining all the key concepts and key developments. It includes 500 entries on these themes, and has contributions from major players in field. However this text does not stop there, it goes further than simply elucidating the concepts and includes a number of essays which use the notions in important areas, thereby demonstrating the appropriate use of the concepts in action to encourage their wider use.

This book will become a requisite reference tool for Critical Realist scholars and Philosophers and Social scientists alike will enjoy this vital introduction and explanatory text of the indispensable ideas contained within the dynamic and vibrant school of Critical Realism.

Table of Contents

Preface, Contributors and Contributions, List of Figures, HOW TO USE THIS BOOK, Cross References, References and Quotations, Citation of Works by Bhaskar, Citation of Works by Other Authors, General Abbreviations, Symbols, Abbreviations Used by Critical Realist Authors, Critical realism, The causal-axiological chain (MELD[ARA] schema), Domains, The hermeneutical circles, Dialectic, Epistemological dialectic, General, DICTIONARY ENTRIES, Works by Roy Bhaskar, Other Works Referred to in the Text

Contributors and Contributions:

Alexander, David (University of Technology, NSW), brain

Archer, Margaret S. (University of Warwick) morphogenesis/morphostasis

Blom, Björn (Umeå University), social work (with Stefan Morén)

Bowring, Bill (London Metropolitan University), legal studies

Brannan, Matthew (Keele University), ethnography

Brereton, Derek P. (University of Michigan), anthropology; evolution of society; evolutionary psychology

Brown, Andrew (University of Leeds) economics

Byrne, David (Durham University) chaos/complexity theory (with David L. Harvey)

Calder, Gideon (University of Wales, Cardiff), ethics; philosophical anthropology; sociology of the body

Carter, Bob (University of Warwick), race, racism, ethnicity

Clark, Alexander M. (University of Alberta), nursing

Clarke, Graham (University of Essex), psychoanalysis

Cruickshank, Justin (University of Birmingham), essentialism

Dean, Kathryn (University of London), medium theory; needs; reason

Downward, Paul (Loughborough University), method, quantitative

D’Souza, Radha (University of Waikato), colonialism, neo-colonialism, post-colonialism; emancipatory movements

Ekström, Mats (Örebro University) media studies

Engholm, Pär (Örebro University), irrealism; pragmatism; TMSA; totality

Fairclough, Norman (University of Lancaster), discourse analysis

Faulkner, Philip (University of Cambridge), closure, demi-reg, PRVS model

Ferber, Michael P. (West Virginia University), geography of religion

Steve Fleetwood (University of Lancaster), industrial relations; labour markets

Groff, Ruth (Williams College), truth

Harvey, David L. (University of Illinois), chaos/complexity theory (with David Byrne)

Hostettler, Nick (University of London), sociology of knowledge

Høyer, Karl Georg (Roskilde University), ecology (with Petter Næss)

Jessop, Bob (University of Lancaster), political science; social form; space-time; strategic-relational approach

Jones, Peter, (Sheffield Hallam University), linguistics

Joseph, Jonathan (University of Kent), hegemony; political theory; structuralism, post-structuralism

Kowalczyk, Ruth (University of Lancaster), management science

Lacey, Hugh (Swarthmore College/Universidade de São Paulo) explanatory critique; philosophy of religion (with Douglas V. Porpora)

Lawson, Clive (University of Cambridge), technology

Lawson, Julie (University of Amsterdam), urban studies

Maton, Karl (University of Wollongong), studies of education (with Brad Shipway)

Mingers, John (University of Kent), autopoiesis; system

Minnerup, Günter (University of New South Wales), historiography

Morén, Stefan (Umeå University) social work (with Björn Blom)

Morgan, Jamie (University of Helsinki), analytical problematic; emergence; empiricism; globalisation; idealism; identity theory; materialism; mind; political economy (with Heikki Patomäki); power

Morrow, Ross (University of Technology, NSW), social theory; sociology; sociology of sexuality

Næss, Petter (Aalborg University) ecology (with Karl Georg Høyer); urban and regional planning

Nellhaus, Tobin (Yale University), aesthetics; cognitive science; culture, cultural analysis; signs, semiology, semiotic

New, Caroline (University of Bath Spa), feminist theory; gender

Nielsen, Peter (Roskilde University), capitalism; critical theory; fetishism; Marxism; rational choice theory

Norrie, Alan (University of London), dialectical critical realism

Norris, Christopher (University of Wales, Cardiff), ontology, transcendental realism

Olsen, Wendy (University of Manchester), poverty

Parker, Ian (Manchester Metropolitan University), psychology

Parker, Jenneth (London South Bank University), sustainability

Patomäki, Heikki (University of Helsinki), futures studies; international relations; neoliberalism; political economy (with Jamie Morgan)

Pinkstone, Brian (University of Western Sydney) economic history; tendency (with Mervyn Hartwig)

Porpora, Douglas V. (Drexel University), philosophy of religion (with Hugh Lacey); social structure

Potter, Garry (Wilfrid Laurier University), knowledge theory of; philosophy of social science

Pratten, Stephen B. (University of London), contrast explanation; explanation

Psillos, Stathis (University of Athens), causal law; inference; Nicod’s criterion; philosophy of science; realism

Ratcliffe, Peter (University of Warwick) migration studies

Roberts, John M. (Brunel University), postmodernism

Scambler, Graham (University of London), disability; sociology of health and medicine

Shield, Richard (University of Leeds), management and organisation studies; method, methodology

Shipway, Brad (Southern Cross University), studies of education (with Karl Maton)

Tew, Philip (Brunel University), literary theory

Westerhuis, Diane (James Cook University), social constructionism

Williams, Malcolm (University of Plymouth), probability

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Mervyn Hartwig is a foundation member of the International Association for Critical Realism and founding editor of Journal of Critical Realism. He taught history and philosophy of the social sciences for many years in Sydney. He now lives in London.