1st Edition

Dictionary of Law

Edited By P.H. Collin Copyright 1999

    The Dictionary of Law provides the user with a comprehensive dictionary of everyday legal terms in English. It comprises a basic vocabulary of 7,000 words and expressions used in British, American, international law--serving not just as a dictionary of law but as a dictionary, as well, of comparative law. Definitions are presented in simple English; they also include short grammatical notes, and examples are given of the words used in context.

    Alphabetical Listings from A 'Category A' to Z 'Zoning'


    P.H. Collin

    "From A.to Z, this dictionary covers (with examples) the formal Latin to prison slang terms used in American and British law. Differences between U.S. and U.K. usage are explained. This edition adds new material, particularly in regard to legislative processes." -- Reference and Research Book News