1st Edition

Dictionary of Medicine

Edited By P.H. Collin Copyright 1999

    First Published in 1999. This dictionary provides the user with the basic vocabulary used in British and American medical practice. The subject matter covers terms used in surgery, general practice, hospitals, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry and other specializations. The level of language varies from the very technical to informal usage as between professionals or between professionals and patients. Each of the 12,000 headwords is defined in simple English, using a limited vocabulary of 500 words over and above those words which actually appear in the dictionary as main words. At the back of the book are a series of supplements which give useful information in tabular form: these refer to vitamins, incubation periods, SI equivalents, diets, and notes on eponymous words.

    Preface, A to Z Listings, Supplement


    Edited by P.H. Colin