1st Edition

Differential Equations A Linear Algebra Approach

By Anindya Dey Copyright 2022
    626 Pages 49 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Differential Equations: A Linear Algebra Approach follows an innovative approach of inculcating linear algebra and elementary functional analysis in the backdrop of even the simple methods of solving ordinary differential equations. The contents of the book have been made user-friendly through concise useful theoretical discussions and numerous illustrative examples practical and pathological.

    1. A Prelude to Differential Equations 2. Equations of First Order and First Degree 3. A Class of First Order Non-Linear Odes 4. Linear Algebraic Framework in Differential Equations 5. 5 Differential Equations of Higher Order 6. Second Order Linear Ode: Solution Techniques & Qualitative Analysis 7. Laplace Transformations in Ordinary Differential Equations 8. Series Solutions of Linear Differential Equations 9. Solving Linear Systems by Matrix Methods


    Anindya Dey is Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics, St Xaviers Colleges, Kolkata.