1st Edition

Differentiating Instruction With Menus Geometry (Grades 9-12)

By Laurie E. Westphal Copyright 2019
    170 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Differentiating Instruction With Menus: Geometry offers teachers everything needed to create a student-centered learning environment based on choice. This book:

    Part I: All About Menus and Choice Chapter 1: Choice Chapter 2: How to Use Menus in the Classroom Chapter 3: Guidelines for Products Chapter 4: Rubrics Part II: The Menus Chapter 5: Foundational Skills Geometric Terms I Geometric Terms II Chapter 6: Two- and Three-Dimensional Figures Quadrilaterals Area of a Polygon Surface Area Composite Area Changing Dimensions Cross Sections Transformations Triangle Congruence Volume Triangles Special Triangles Pythagorean Theorem Trigonometry Chapter 7: Lines Distance and Midpoint Parallel Lines Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Chapter 8: Circles Circles Circle Relationships Arc Length and Sector Area Chapter 9: Logic, Constructions, and Probability Logic Statements Combinations and Permutations Constructions References About the Author Common Core State Standards Alignment


    After teaching science for more than 15 years, both overseas and in the U.S., Laurie E. Westphal now works as an independent gifted education and science consultant. She enjoys developing and presenting staff development on differentiation for various districts and conferences, working with teachers to assist them in planning and developing lessons to meet the needs of their advanced students.