1st Edition

Differentiating Instruction With Menus U.S. History (Grades 9-12)

By Laurie E. Westphal Copyright 2020
    162 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Differentiating Instruction With Menus: U.S. History (grades 9-12) offers teachers everything needed to create a student-centered learning environment based on choice in the high school classroom. This book:

    • Features attractive reproducible menus and rubrics.
    • Is based on the levels of Bloom's revised taxonomy.
    • Incorporates different learning styles.
    • Makes incorporating choice into the classroom stress-free for both teachers and their students.

    Topics addressed include history, geography, economics, government, and culture. Ideal for differentiating for gifted and advanced learners, these menus can be used to guide students in making decisions as to which products they will develop after studying a major concept or unit.

    Part I: All About Menus and Choice Chapter 1: Choice Chapter 2: How to Use Menu sin the Classroom Chapter 3: Guidelines for Products Chapter 4: Rubrics Part II: The Menus Chapter 5: The New World The New World The Columbian Exchange The Colonies and the Growth of Slavery Religious Persecution The First Great Awakening Mercantilism Chapter 6: Building a New Nation The American Revolution Creating the Constitution Building a New Nation Native Americans and Jackson Antebellum America Chapter 7: Road to the Civil War Territorial Expansion Road to the Civil War The Civil War Reconstruction Amendments Chapter 8: Growth of the United States The West The Second Industrial Revolution The Progressive Era Imperialism and World War I The Roaring 20s The Great Depression and the New Deals World War II Chapter 9: The Cold War Through Present Day The Cold War The 1950s The 1960s and 1970s The 1980s: President Reagan Landmark Supreme Court Cases References About the Author Common Core State Standards Alignment


    After teaching science for more than 15 years, both overseas and in the U.S., Laurie E. Westphal now works as an independent gifted education and science consultant. She enjoys developing and presenting staff development on differentiation for various districts and conferences, working with teachers to assist them in planning and developing lessons to meet the needs of their advanced students.

    This is a great guide for educators and is easy enough to add to a media center resource shelf. It would also serve home educators as well. Another Great work from the Prufrock Press.,Lewie Dunn,Georgia Military College, 12/21/20