1st Edition

Difficult Consultations with Adolescents

By Donovan Chris, Heather Suckling Copyright 2004

    This book will prove an invaluable resource for all those working in the field of primary healthcare and family medicine. Through case histories the reader will be introduced to adolescents who are depressed, to those who have been failed by the system, to those who cannot communicate their needs, and to those for whom issues of confidentiality have become critical.

    Part 1 - About the Difficult Consultations With Adolescents Project. Aim and methods of the project. Case A - 'Annie' - The adolescent who won't speak. Organising the material. Part 2 - The case presentations. Case 1 - Hidden agendas. Case 2 - Aggression. Case 3 - Depression. Case 4 - Getting it right. Case 5 - Confidentiality. Case 6 - A question of culture. Part 3 - Factors which can affect adolescent consultations. Parents. The effect of NHS structures. Lack of adequate training. Confusion over where responsibility lies. The doctor's feelings. The developmental process in adolescents. Adolescents' views of primary care. Part 4 - Professional perspectives. A GP's experience. A nurse's perspective. Reflections of a child and adolescent psychiatrist. What do young people tell Childline about their doctor?


    Chris, Donovan; Suckling, Heather