1st Edition

Diffractional Optics of Millimetre Waves

By I.V. Minin, O.V. Minin Copyright 2004
    396 Pages
    by CRC Press

    416 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Diffractional Optics of Millimetre Waves combines those elements of diffraction theory normally associated with optics, including Gaussian beams, lenses, and mirrors, and extends them into the micro- and millimetre wavelength range. In this regime there are a number of applications in devices, such as automobile proximity sensors, satellite-TV receiving antennae, and non-destructive testing systems. Researchers working in these areas would benefit from greater understanding of the diffraction phenomena involved. A translated and updated version of the authors' book Diffraction Quasioptics, this book will present results formerly unavailable in the general literature.

    Theory of diffraction. Short focusing Fresnel zone plates. Elements of diffraction quasioptics. Synthesis of diffractional elements. Diffractional antennae at millimetre wavelengths. The influence of surface form on the structure of Fresnel zones. Applications of diffractional optics and quasioptics. Diffractional antennae. Optical constants of materials at submillimetrics and millimetric wavelengths.


    Minin, I.V.; Minin, O.V.