1st Edition

Digital Art Masters: Volume 2

By 3dtotal.Com Copyright 2007
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    Meet some of the finest digital 2D and 3D artists working in the industry today, from Patrick Beaulieu, Philip Straub, Benita Winckler, Alessandro Baldasseroni to Khalid Al Muharraqi, Marcel Baumann and Marek Denko and see how they work. More than just a gallery book - in Digital Arts Masters each artist has written a breakdown overview, with supporting imagery of how they made their piece of work.

    With Digital Arts Masters you'll understand the artists' thought process and discover the tips, tricks and techniques which really work.

    Featured artists include:

    Marek Denko; Benita Winckler; Andrea Bertaccini;Antonio José González Benítez; Glen Angus; Bingo-Digital; Hrvoje Rafael; Daniel Moreno Diaz; Kornél Ravadits; Hyung-Jun Kim; Marcin Klicki; Raymond Yang; Marco Menco; Hao Ai Qiang; James Busby; Andrey Yamkovoy; Sebastien Sonet; Massimo Righi; Wen-Xi Chen; Stefan Morrell; Wiek Luijken; Yang Zhang; Maurício Santos; Hoang Nguyen; Michael Engstrom; Torsten J. Postolka; Pawe³ Hynek; Alessandro Baldasseroni; André Kutscherauer; Alessandro Pacciani; Philip Straub; Emrah Elmasli; Michael R. Smith; Brian Recktenwald; Vitaly S Alexius; Neil Maccormack; Rolando Cyril; Tae young Choi; Daarken; Jonathan Simard; Alexandru Popescu; Daniela Uhlig; Mikko Kinnunen; André Holzmeister; Gerhard Mozsi; Fran Ferriz Blanquer; Khalid Abdulla Al-Muharraqi; Fred Bastide; Jian Guo; Patrick Beaulieu; Olga Antonenko; Vincent Guibert; Jonny Duddle; Marcel Baumann; Siku; Rose Frith; Kosta Atanasov; Adrzej Sykut; Vitaly S Alexius, Tae young Choi


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    "A fascinating glimpse into the working practices of the pros.”--3D World magazine, Nov 06

    ”This book not only exhibits the artists at the cutting edge of the digital art industry but also delivers valuable tips and advice that will usher in the next generation of Digital Art Masters.”--Tim Warnock - matte painter / concept artist. www.thenextside.com

    ”For those who are not satisfied with only a 'final picture' book and also want to know the techniques behind the images.”--Rafal Wojtunik - 'Fallen Art' BAFTA winning movie & Platige Image concept artist. www.platige.com