1st Edition

Digital Filter Design and Realization

By Takao Hinamoto, Wu-Sheng Lu Copyright 2017
    370 Pages
    by River Publishers

    Analysis, design, and realization of digital filters have experienced major developments since the 1970s, and have now become an integral part of the theory and practice in the field of contemporary digital signal processing. Digital Filter Design and Realization is written to present an up-to-date and comprehensive account of the analysis, design, and realization of digital filters. It is intended to be used as a text for graduate students as well as a reference book for practitioners in the field. Prerequisites for this book include basic knowledge of calculus, linear algebra, signal analysis, and linear system theory. Technical topics discussed in the book include:Discrete-Time Systems and z-TransformationStability and Coefficient SensitivityState-Space ModelsFIR Digital Filter DesignFrequency-Domain Digital Filter DesignTime-Domain Digital Filter DesignInterpolated and Frequency-Response-Masking FIR Digital Filter DesignComposite Digital Filter DesignFinite Word Length EffectsCoefficient Sensitivity Analysis and MinimizationError Spectrum ShapingRoundoff Noise Analysis and MinimizationGeneralized Transposed Direct-Form IIBlock-State Realization

    Digital Filter Design and Realization


    Takao Hinamoto, Wu-Sheng Lu