Digital Imaging for Cultural Heritage Preservation : Analysis, Restoration, and Reconstruction of Ancient Artworks book cover
1st Edition

Digital Imaging for Cultural Heritage Preservation
Analysis, Restoration, and Reconstruction of Ancient Artworks

ISBN 9781138073791
Published March 29, 2017 by CRC Press
523 Pages 30 Color & 270 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This edition presents the most prominent topics and applications of digital image processing, analysis, and computer graphics in the field of cultural heritage preservation. The text assumes prior knowledge of digital image processing and computer graphics fundamentals. Each chapter contains a table of contents, illustrations, and figures that elucidate the presented concepts in detail, as well as a chapter summary and a bibliography for further reading. Well-known experts cover a wide range of topics and related applications, including spectral imaging, automated restoration, computational reconstruction, digital reproduction, and 3D models.

Table of Contents

Experiencing the Past: Computer Graphics in Archaeology, F. Stanco and D. Tanasi

The Past and the Future: Archaeology and Computer Science

From the Field to the Screen: 3D computer graphics and the Archaeological Heritage

The Archeomatica Project

Archaeological 3D Modeling

Haghia Triada, Crete

Polizzello Mountain, Sicily

Digital Restoration

Dealing with Image Data in Archaeology: New Perspectives

Using Digital 3D Models for Study and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Artifacts, M. Dellepiane, M. Callieri, M. Corsini, and R. Scopigno

Visual Communication of Art

Art Catalogs and Digital Repositories

Digital 3D as a Tool for Art Scholars

Physical Reproduction from the Digital Model

Virtual Reconstruction and Reassembly

Supporting the Restoration Process

Processing Sampled 3D Data: Reconstruction and Visualization Technologies, M. Callieri, M. Dellepiane, P. Cignoni, and R. Scopigno

Basic Geometric Processing of Scanned Data

Color Sampling and Processing

MeshLab: An Open Source Tool for Processing 3D Scanned Data

Efficient Visualization and Management of Sampled 3D Data

3D Digitization: How to Improve Current Procedures and Make It More Practical and Successful

ARC3D: A Public Web Service that Turns Photos into 3D Models, D. Tingdahl, M. Vergauwen, and L. Van Gool

System Overview

Automatic Reconstruction Pipeline

Practical Guidelines for Shooting Images

Case Study: Reconstruction of the Mogao Caves of Dunhuang


Accurate and Detailed Image-Based 3D Documentation of Large Sites and Complex Objects, F. Remondino

Reality-Based 3D Modeling


Digitizing the Parthenon: Estimating Surface Reflectance under Measured Natural Illumination, P. Debevec, C. Tchou, A. Gardner, T. Hawkins, C. Poullis, J. Stumpfel, A. Jones, N. Yun, P. Einarsson, T. Lundgren, M. Fajardo P. Martinez

Background and Related Work

Data Acquisiton and Calibration



Discussion and Future Work

Applications of Spectral Imaging and Reproduction to Cultural Heritage, S. Bianco, A. Colombo, F. Gasparini, R. Schettini, S. Zuffi

Colorimetric and Multispectral Color Imaging

Capturing a Multispectral Image

Imaging and Signal Processing Techniques

Recovery Multispectral Information from RGB Images

Storing a Multispectral Image

Evaluating System Performance

Multispectral Image Reproduction

Final Remarks

Did Early Renaissance Painters Trace Optically Projected Images? The Conclusion of Independent Scientists, Art Historians, and Artists
, D.G. Stork, J. Collins, M. Duarte, Y. Furuichi, D. Kale, A. Kulkarni, M.D. Robinson, S.J. Schechner, C.W. Tyler, N.C. Williams

The Projection Theory

Image Evidence

Documentary Evidence

Material Culture and Re-Enactments

Non-Optical Contexts

The "Value" in Tracing

Scholarly Consensus

A Computer Analysis of the Mirror in Hans Memling’s Virgin and Child and Maarten van Nieuwenhove, S. Savarese, D.G. Stork, A. Del Pozo, R. Spronk

Memling’s Diptych

Computer Vision Analysis

Modeling Reflections Off a Mirror Surface


Virtual Restoration of Antique Books and Photographs, F. Stanco, A. Restrepo Palacios, G. Ramponi

Detection of the Defects

Virtual Restoration of Antique Photographic Prints Affected by Foxing and Water Blotches

Restoration of the Fragmented Glass Plate Photographs

Restoration of Yellowing and Foxing in Antique Books

On Image Quality

Advances in Automated Restoration of Archived Video, A. Kokaram, F. Pitie, D. Corrigan D. Vitulano, V. Bruni, A. Crawford

Dirt and Missing Data

Semi-transparent Defects

Line Scratches

Global Defects

An Evolving Industry

Computational Analysis of Archaeological Ceramic Vessels and Their Fragments, A.R. Willis

Artifact Reconstruction Systems: Basic Components and Concepts

Computational Models for Vessels and Their Fragments

Vessel Reconstruction by Sherd Matching: 3D Puzzle Solving

Current Trends in Computational Artifact Reconstruction

Digital Reconstruction and Mosaicing of Cultural Artifacts, E. Tsamoura, N. Nikolaidis, I. Pitas

The Three-Step Object Reconstruction Procedure

Approaches for Object Reconstruction

Automatic Color-Based Reassembly of Fragmented Images and Paintings

Reduced Complexity Image Mosaicing Utilizing Spanning Trees

Analysis of Ancient Mosaic Images for Dedicated Applications, L. Benyoussef, S. Derrode

Recent Image-Processing Projects Concerned with Mosaics

Tesserae Extraction

Tessera-based Segmentation and Coding

Guidelines Estimation for Mosaic Structure Retrieval

Open Issues and Research Directions in Mosaic Image Analysis

Digital Reproduction of Ancient Mosaics, S. Battiato, G. Gallo, G. Puglisi G. Di Blasi

Art and Computer Graphics

History of Ancient Mosaics

The Digital Mosaic Problem

The Crystallization Mosaics

The Ancient Mosaics

The Ancient Mosaics in a 3D Environment

Final Discussions

Pattern Discovery from Eroded Rock Art, Y. Cai

Surface Imaging Methods

Pattern Discovery Methods

From Reconstruction to Knowledge

Interaction Design

Copyright Protection of Digital Images of Cultural Heritage, V. Cappellini, R. Caldelli, A. Del Mastio, F. Uccheddu

2D Watermarking

3D Watermarking

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Filippo Stanco, Sebastiano Battiato, and Giovanni Gallo are with the University of Catania, Italy.