386 Pages
    by Routledge

    386 Pages
    by Routledge

    A digital interface is the technology that allows interconnectivity between multiple pieces of equipment. In other words hardware devices can communicate with each other and accept audio and video material in a variety of forms.

    The Digital Interface Handbook is a thoroughly detailed manual for those who need to get to grips with digital audio and video systems. Francis Rumsey and John Watkinson bring together their combined experience to shed light on the differences between audio interfaces and show how to make devices 'talk to each' in the digital domain despite their subtle differences. They also include detailed coverage of all the regularly used digital video interfaces.

    New information included in this third edition: dedicated audio interfaces, audio over computer network interfaces and revised material on practical audio interfacing and synchronisation.

    Introduction to Interfacing; Introduction to Digital Audio and Video; Digital Transmission; Digital Audio Interfaces I; Digital Audio Interfaces II; Digital Video Interfacing; Practical Interfacing


    John Watkinson is an independent international consultant in advanced applications of electronics to audiovisual and avionics systems. He is a Fellow of the AES, a member of the Society of Expert Witnesses, and the British Computer Society and is a chartered information systems practitioner. He presents lectures, seminars and training courses worldwide. He is the author of many other Elsevier books, including The Art of DigitalVideo, An Introduction to Digital Video, Convergence in Broadcast and Communications Media, Television Fundamentals and The Art of the Helicopter.
    Professor of Sound Recording at the University of Surrey (UK) and a Visiting Professor at the School of Music in PiteƄ (Sweden). Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society and a regular contributor to the AES Journal.

    "This is a timely update of a very useful work of reference, with helpful leads to other sources of further information...I shall certainly recommend the third edition...Francis Rumsey and John Watkinson are to be congratulated on their revision."
    Journal of Educational Media

    "Covers everything from HD to SDI, USB to CobraNet - so useful for anyone working with pro audio or video."
    Lighting and Sound magazine