1st Edition

Digital Processing Optical Transmission and Coherent Receiving Techniques

By Le Nguyen Binh Copyright 2014
    508 Pages 304 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    With coherent mixing in the optical domain and processing in the digital domain, advanced receiving techniques employing ultra-high speed sampling rates have progressed tremendously over the last few years. These advances have brought coherent reception systems for lightwave-carried information to the next stage, resulting in ultra-high capacity global internetworking. Digital Processing: Optical Transmission and Coherent Receiving Techniques describes modern coherent receiving techniques for optical transmission and aspects of modern digital optical communications in the most basic lines.

    The book includes simplified descriptions of modulation techniques for such digital transmission systems carried by light waves. It discusses the basic aspects of modern digital optical communications in the most basic lines. In addition, the book covers digital processing techniques and basic algorithms to compensate for impairments and carrier recovery, as well as noise models, analysis, and transmission system performance.

    Overview of Optical Fiber Communications and DSP-Based Transmission Systems
    From Few Mb/s to Tbps: Transmission and Receiving for Optical Communications Systems
    Digital Modulation Formats
    Optical Demodulation: Phase and Polarization Diversity Technique
    Organization of the Book Chapters

    Optical Fibers: Guiding and Propagation Properties
    Optical Fibers: Circular Optical Waveguides
    Nonlinear Optical Effects
    Signal Attenuation in Optical Fibers
    Signal Distortion in Optical Fibers
    Transfer Function of Single-Mode Fibers
    Fiber Nonlinearity Revisited
    Special Dispersion Optical Fibers
    SMF Transfer Function: Simplified Linear and Nonlinear Operating Region
    Numerical Solution: Split-Step-Fourier Method
    Nonlinear Fiber Transfer Functions and Compensations in Digital Signal Processing
    Concluding Remarks

    External Modulators for Coherent Transmission and Reception
    External Modulation and Advanced Modulation Formats
    Generation of Modulation Formats
    Photonic MSK Transmitter Using Two Cascaded Electro-Optic Phase Modulators
    I–Q Integrated Modulators
    DAC for DSP-Based Modulation and Transmitter

    Optical Coherent Detection and Processing Systems
    Coherent Receiver Components
    Coherent Detection
    Self-Coherent Detection and Electronic DSP
    Electronic Amplifiers: Responses and Noises
    Digital Signal Processing Systems and Coherent Optical Reception
    Concluding Remarks
    Appendix: A Coherent Balanced Receiver and Method for Noise Suppression

    Optical Phase Locking
    Overview of Optical Phase Lock Loop
    Optical Coherent Detection and Optical PLL
    Performances: Simulation and Experiments
    OPLL for Superchannel Coherent Receiver
    Concluding Remarks

    Digital Signal Processing Algorithms and Systems Performance
    General Algorithms for Optical Communications Systems
    MLSD and Viterbi
    Maximum A Posteriori Technique for Phase Estimation
    Carrier Phase Estimation
    Systems Performance of MLSE Equalizer-MSK Optical Transmission Systems

    DSP-Based Coherent Optical Transmission Systems
    QPSK Systems
    16 QAM Systems
    Tera-Bits/s Superchannel Transmission Systems
    Concluding Remarks

    Higher-Order Spectrum Coherent Receivers
    Bispectrum Optical Receivers and Nonlinear Photonic Pre-Processing
    NL Photonic Signal Processing Using Higher-Order Spectra


    Le Nguyen Binh