1st Edition

Digital Scholarship

Edited By Marta Mestrovic Deyrup Copyright 2009

    Collecting important original essays by librarians and archivists – all of whom are actively engaged in building digital collections – Digital Scholarship details both challenges and proven solutions in establishing, maintaining, and servicing digital scholarship in the humanities. This volume further explores the ways in which the humanities have benefited from the ability to digitize text and page images of historic documents, mine large corpuses of texts and other forms of records, and assemble widely dispersed cultural objects into common repositories for comparison and analysis--making new research questions and methods possible for the first time.

    The ten notable scholars included in Digital Scholarship offer a balanced view of the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches to digitization, reporting both progress and problems, examining new business models, new forms of partnerships, and the new technologies and resources that make many more library and archival services available. Librarians and library staff everywhere will find Digital Scholarship an essential text for the modern library and an illuminating resource for anyone looking to understand the changing face of research in the electronic age.

    Preface Christine Borgman  1. A Universal Humanities Digital Library: Pipe Dream or Prospective Future?  Shawn Martin  2. The Russian Doll Effect: Making the Most of Your Digital Assets  James Bradley  3. The Lives of Others: Editing Electronic Editions of Correspondence Susan Schreibman  4. The Harvard Project on the Soviet Social System Online  Margaret E. Hale, Richard Lessage and Bradley L. Schaffner  5. The Hemeroteca Digital of the National Library of Spain  Elena Garcia-Puentes and Lola Rodriguez  6. GIS Technology as an Alternative Way of Access to Historical Knowledge  Albina Moscicka  7. Toward Enduring Global Access to Catholic Research Resources Ruth Bogan, Diane Maher, Edward D. Starkey and Jennifer A. Younger 8.  Digital Partners: Collaborating to Build Digital Resources  John B. Straw  9. Illuminating the Manuscript Leaves: Digitization Promotes Scholarship and Outreach  Delinda Stephens Buie, Rachel I. Howard and Amy Hanaford Purcell  10. I Can See the Light: Using Web-based Exhibits to Enhance Interactive Archival Scholarship  Suzan Alteri and Daniel Golodner


    Marta Mestrovic Deyrup is Associate Professor/Catalog Coordinator at Seton Hall University Libraries. She has written and lectured extensively on scholarly communication and digital library projects. Marta received her Ph.D. from Columbia University and M.L.S. from Rutgers University.