1st Edition

Digital Signal Processing for Multimedia Systems

Edited By Keshab K. Parhi, Takao Nishitami Copyright 2004

    Addresses a wide selection of multimedia applications, programmable and custom architectures for the implementations of multimedia systems, and arithmetic architectures and design methodologies. The book covers recent applications of digital signal processing algorithms in multimedia, presents high-speed and low-priority binary and finite field arithmetic architectures, details VHDL-based implementation approaches, and more.

    Part 1 System applications: multimedia systems overview; video compression; audio compression; system synchronization approaches; digital versatile disk; VLSI signal processing for very high speed digital subscriber loops (VDSL); cable modems; wireless communication systems. Part 2 Programmable and custom architectures and algorithms: programmable DSPs; RISC, video and media DSPs; wireless DSPs; motion estimation system design; wavelet VLSI architectures; DCT architectures; lossless coders; Viterbi decoders - algorithms and high performance architectures; watermarking for multimedia; systolic RLS adaptive filtering; STAR-RLS filtering. Part 3 Advanced arithmetic architectures and design methodologies: division and square root; finite field arithmetic; cordic algorithms and architectures for fast and efficient vector-rotation implementation; advanced systolic design; low power design; power estimation approaches; system exploration for custom low power data storage and transfer; hardware description and synthesis of DSP systems.


    Keshab K. Parhi, Takao Nishitami