1st Edition

Digital Signal Processing in Audio and Acoustical Engineering

By Francis F. Li, Trevor J. Cox Copyright 2019
    242 Pages
    by CRC Press

    242 Pages 175 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Starting with essential maths, fundamentals of signals and systems, and classical concepts of DSP, this book presents, from an application-oriented perspective, modern concepts and methods of DSP including machine learning for audio acoustics and engineering. Content highlights include but are not limited to room acoustic parameter measurements, filter design, codecs, machine learning for audio pattern recognition and machine audition, spatial audio, array technologies and hearing aids. Some research outcomes are fed into book as worked examples. As a research informed text, the book attempts to present DSP and machine learning from a new and more relevant angle to acousticians and audio engineers.

    Some MATLAB® codes or frameworks of algorithms are given as downloads available on the CRC Press website. Suggested exploration and mini project ideas are given for "proof of concept" type of exercises and directions for further study and investigation. The book is intended for researchers, professionals, and senior year students in the field of audio acoustics.

    Audio Signals and Audio Systems. Sampling Quantization and Discrete Fourier. DSP in Acoustical Transfer Function Measurements. Digital Filters and z-Transform. Audio Codecs. DSP in Binaural Hearing and Microphone Arrays. Adaptive Filters. Machine Learning in Acoustic DSP. Unsupervised Learning and Blind Source Separation. DSP in Hearing Aids.


    Appointed Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2001, before joining the University of Salford in 2006, Francis Li has accumulated a broad spectrum of expertise and research interests, including audio engineering, architectural and building acoustics, signal processing, artificial intelligence, soft-computing, data and voice communications, machine audition, speech technology, DSP applied to biomedical engineering, novel computer architecture, and control theory. He has published numerous research papers, reviewed for international journals and conferences, and acts as both Associate Editor-in-Chief for the CSC Journal Signal Processing, and Associate Technical Editor for the Journal of Audio Engineering Society.

    Trevor J. Cox has been communicating acoustic engineering to the public for 15 years. Specialising in blind signal processing methods to model acoustics and assess human response to sounds, he has pioneered the concept of optimised diffusers and served as an acoustic expert for international standard organizations. He was a consultant for the world’s largest manufacturer of diffusing products – RPG Diffusor Systems Inc. – for over 10 years, and acts as convener of ISO Working Group WG25.