1st Edition

Digital Snaps The New Face of Photography

Edited By Jonas Larsen, Mette Sandbye Copyright 2013

    Photography as an everyday practice is once again changing dramatically. At this moment of transition from analogue to digital, Digital Snaps aims to develop a new media ecology that can accommodate these changes to photography 'as we know it'. Expert contributors representing varied disciplines demonstrate how and to what extent the traditional social practices, technologies and images of analogue photography are being transformed with the movement to digital photography. They zoom in on typical, vernacular, everyday practices: the development of the family photo album from a physical object in the living room to a digital practice on the Internet; the use of mobile phones in everyday life; photo communities on the Internet; photo booth photography; studio photography; and fine arts' appropriation of amateur photography. They explore how this media convergence transforms the media ecology - the networks, objects, performances, meanings and circulations - of vernacular photography, as we research it through ordinary people's use of such new cameras and interactive Internet spaces as part of their everyday lives.

    CHAPTER 1. Jonas Larsen and Mette Sandbye: Introduction: The New Face of SnapshotPhotographySECTION 1Images on Web 2.0 and the Camera PhoneCHAPTER 2. Martin Lister: Overlooking, Rarely Looking, and Not LookingCHAPTER 3 Jonas Larsen: The (Im)Mobile Life of Digital photographs: The Case of Tourist PhotographyCHAPTER 4 Mikko Villi: Distance as the New PunctumSECTION 2 Family Albums in TransitionCHAPTER 5 Gillian Rose: How Digital Technologies Do Family snaps, Only BetterCHAPTER 6 Joanne Garde-Hansen: Friendship Photography: Memory, Mobility and Social NetworkingCHAPTER 7 Mette Sandbye: Play, Process and Materiality in Japanese Purikura PhotographyCHAPTER 8 Sigrid Lien: ‘Buying an Instrument Does Not Necessarily Make You a Musician’:Studio Photography and the Digital RevolutionSECTION 3 New Public FormsCHAPTER 9 Anne Jerslev and Mette Mortensen: Paparazzi Photography, Seriality and the Digital Photo ArchiveCHAPTER 10 Tanya Sheehan: Retouch Yourself: The Pleasures and Politics of Digital Cosmetic SurgeryCHAPTER 11 Louise Wolthers: Virtual Selves: Art and Digital Autobiography CHAPTER 12 Michael Shanks and Connie Svabo: Mobile Media Photography: New Modes of EngagementLIST OF CONTRIBUTORS


    Jonas Larsen is Associate Professor, ENSPAC, Roskilde University, Denmark. He is co-author of Performing Tourist Places: Mobilities, Networks, Geographies and The Tourist Gaze 3.0.Mette Sandbye is Head of the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen. She is co-editor of Symbolic Imprints: Photography and Visual Culture.