2nd Edition

Digital Speech Processing Synthesis, and Recognition, Second Edition,

By Sadaoki Furui Copyright 2001

    A study of digital speech processing, synthesis and recognition. This second edition contains new sections on the international standardization of robust and flexible speech coding techniques, waveform unit concatenation-based speech synthesis, large vocabulary continuous-speech recognition based on statistical pattern recognition, and more.

    Principal characteristics of speech; speech production models; speech analysis and analysis-synthesis systems; linear predictive coding (LPC) analysis; speech coding; speech synthesis; speech recognition; future directions of speech processing. Appendices: convolution and z-transform; vector quantization algorithm; neural nests.


    Sadaoki Furui

    ". . .provides a solid introduction to the basics of digital signal processing for speech and provides a comprehensive overview of classic recognition techniques. It would be ideal as a primary textbook."
    ---The Canadian Journal of Information Science