1st Edition

Digital Transformation and Corporate Branding Opportunities and Pitfalls for Identity and Reputation Management

Edited By Maria Teresa Cuomo, Pantea Foroudi Copyright 2024
    324 Pages 29 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Technological advances, alongside increasing globalisation and growing awareness of socio-cultural and socio-political issues, are driving corporate branding innovations, and organisations must react and adapt quickly to compete. This book investigates and explores the impact of digital transformation on building corporate branding, identity, and reputation.

    The book brings together international contributors to provide examples from a wide range of industries and fi rms, including the retailing and agri-food industries, and illustrates the many dimensions of corporate branding and theories, and how they can be aided by digital transformation. It explores the connection of branding with artificial intelligence, social media networks, and technologies 4.0 as well the limitations and challenges they might deliver. Using a combination of theory, primary research findings, and practice, the book offers viewpoints and expertise from multiple regions, appealing to a global audience.

    This edited collection serves as an importance resource for researchers, scholars, and postgraduate students of marketing, brand management, and corporate communications, and those interested in the emerging relationship with technology.

    1 Digital transformation: corporate branding, identity, and reputation

    Maria Teresa Cuomo and Pantea Foroudi

    2 Corporate brand strategy, stakeholders and technologies 4.0

    Rosa Maria Caprino and Sergio Bracale

    3 Digital transformation and corporate branding: opportunities and challenges for identity and reputation management

    Cinzia Genovino

    4 Corporate brand strategy, customer value, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and business performance

    Federico De Andreis

    5 Brand management in the age of social media through digital transformation

    Orsola Salmista and Cinzia Genovino

    6 Digital and marketing transformation in relation to brand value: the video game industry

    Qingchen Tian, Nikolaos Stylos, Nazan Colmekcioglu and Dimos Andronoudis

    7 The impact of social media marketing efforts and activities on brand equity: the case of online applications in Greece

    Achilleas Barlas

    8 e-Tourism and gastronomic culture: how brands are making consumers’ mouth water in digital experience

    Angela A. Beccanulli, Silvia Biraghi and Rossella C. Gambetti

    9 Mixed reality – mainstream for the lasting competitiveness of companies

    Cinzia Genovino, Pietro Paolo Mauro and Debora Tortora

    10 Examining the impact of employer branding on nonfinancial performance

    Payvand Mirzaeiankhamseh, Pantea Foroudi and Manijeh Haghighinasab

    11 Examining the impact of brand authenticity on purchase intention: a study of consumers’ perception in the context of clothing industry in Iran

    Soheila Mehmannavazan, Pantea Foroudi and Manijeh Haghighinasab

    12 Marketing in the industry 4.0: the role of mobile technologies to enhance consumer brand experience, brand advocacy, and brand purchase intentions

    Umme Kalsoom, Pantea Foroudi, T. C. Melewar and Alexis Chapman

    13 Examining the impact of online customer engagement on non-financial performance considering the roles of brand attitude, customer co-creation, customer equity, and (e-)word-of-mouth

    Marzieh Soltani, Pantea Foroudi and Manijeh Haghighi Nasab

    14 Experiencing the sense of artificial-intelligence-enabled virtual assistants in retailing

    Dongmei Zha


    Maria Teresa Cuomo is Professor of Business Economics at the University of Salerno, where she teaches “Management and Innovation” and “Management”. She taught also at the Business School of the “Bicocca” University in Milan. She is a member of several editorial committees of national and international journals. She has published in top international journals, about digital transformation, consumer behaviour, identity and reputation, corporate and investment assessment. She has presented papers and research outcomes at numerous conferences all around the world. She carries out research, consultancy, and training to various organisations (both public and private) on finance and performance, investment assessment, market research, and marketing.

    Pantea Foroudi is a business manager and solution architect at Foroudi Consultancy as well as a member of marketing, branding, and tourism, Middlesex University London. Pantea has been working in the field of design, branding, and marketing since 1996, and she has experience as a creative innovator and practical problem-solver in visual identity, graphic design, and branding in different sectors. Her primary research interest has focused on consumer behaviour from multidisciplinary approach based on two research streams: (i) corporate brand design and identity and (ii) sustainable development goals (SDGs). Pantea has published widely in international academic journals, such as British Journal of Management, Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing, and International Journal of Hospitality Management. She is the associate/senior/editor of International Journal of Hospitality Management; Journal of Business Research; International Journal of Hospitality Management; International Journal of Management Reviews; International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management; European Journal of International Management (EJIM); and more.

    "Tackling a topic such as digital transformation is not easy in an epoch when it is very much dealt with. The volume is appreciable for its ability to combine the theoretical relevance / centrality of the issues with a practical reading of the context in which digital transformation may take place. A further specific merit is then the organicity and harmonization of the contributions, which although they come from different Authors, are admirably merged thanks to the commendable and punctual work of the Editors. I am sure that the anthological collection entitled: "Digital transformation: corporate branding, identity and reputation" may become a point of reference for scholars, marketing practitioners and students. Well done!"

    - Gerardino Metallo, Professor of Management – University of Salerno, Italy

    "Digital transformation has become increasingly important in the real world of management, yet academic research and guidance for management practice in the area of branding, identity and reputation has remained fragmented until now. This book fills that gap. The comprehensive approach details the extent to which digital transformation affects the processes of branding, identity and reputation. Writing about digital transformation is notoriously difficult, as ‘hot’ topics can become dated very quickly but this book manages to make sense of the rapidly changing digital environments. The book has an accessible style that will encourage students to extend their studies in digital transformation. I wholeheartedly recommend this text as an invaluable resource for academics, doctoral, postgraduate, graduate, and final year undergraduate students studying business, management and marketing, as well as practitioners looking for insights into how to successfully navigate the minefield of digital transformation."

    - Charles Dennis, Professor in Marketing, Middlesex Business School London