1st Edition

Digital Transformation in Healthcare An Ecosystem Approach

By Panos Constantinides Copyright 2024
    186 Pages
    by Routledge

    186 Pages
    by Routledge

    In an era of digital transformation within healthcare management, this important book outlines an ecosystem perspective to illustrate how a range of actors can use digital technologies to offer better value within the provision of healthcare services.
    From mobile applications to point-of-care diagnostic devices, from AI-enabled applications for data analysis to cloud models for service delivery and blockchain infrastructures, it provides a roadmap for how healthcare organizations can leverage these digital technologies. The book is also illustrated with case studies from different areas, including software for medical diagnostics, blockchain infrastructures for use in pharmaceutical supply chains and clinical trials, and federated learning platforms for genomics.
    Covering key issues such as patients’ rights to data and written in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the book will be essential reading for researchers, postgraduate students, and professionals interested in how technology can support and enable healthcare service provision.

    PART 1. SETTING THE SCENE: THE HEALTHCARE CONTEXT. 1.Disruption and Digital Transformation in Healthcare. 2.Complexity in Healthcare Services. 3.Organizational Change and Digital Maturity. PART 2.DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ACROSS HEALTHCARE ECOSYSTEMS. 4.An Ecosystem Approach to Digital Transformation. 5.Blockchain Infrastructures in Healthcare. 6.Cloud Computing and Federated Learning Infrastructures. PART 3.GENERATIVE TRANSFORMATION, THE RACE TO TECH ARMS AND REGULATION. 7.Generative Transformation and Regulatory Challenges.


    Panos Constantinides is Professor of Digital Innovation and Digital Learning Lead for Executive Education at Alliance Manchester Business School. He is also a Fellow of the Cambridge Digital Innovation Centre. His research focuses on the transformative potential of digital technology, including digital platforms, infrastructures and artificial intelligence. His research has been published in both academic journals and media outlets.

    “This is a valuable book that comes at a critical time, when digital health has accelerated across the globe fanned by the fire of the pandemic. It provides an informed account of the factors to consider and practical steps to make the most of the opportunity.”

    Tara Donelly, Founder Digital Care, Ex-Chief Digital Officer, NHS Digital

    “Digital healthcare is not merely a subset of traditional healthcare; it represents a reconfiguration of the entire healthcare system. Therefore, any effort to digitally transform organisations and effectively prepare them for the future must adopt an  ecosystem approach. This book offers a practical framework for implementing this approach, highlighting  the necessity for collective action as no single organisation can undertake this transformation alone.”

    Jorge Armanet, Entrepeneur, Operator Investor, and Advisor. Founder and Former CEO of HealthUnlocked. Cambridge Digital Innovation Fellow.


    “This book gives excellent insight into the benefits, risks and their mitigation of the use of digital technologies in healthcare. It then covers proposals on how we should regulate and respond to these new technologies to avoid the risks this new paradigm brings. I would recommend this book to anyone working in digital healthcare.”

    Stephen Critchlow, Founder, CEO and Chair of Wellbeing Team at Evergreen Life, Chair of the NIHR AI in Healthcare Board.

    “This book illustrates the key changes in the industry when COVID-19 accelerated digital healthcare.  When I first presented patient portals in the UK it was something the NHS could not see would be used or adopted.  Data silos cause so much complexity and create gaps in patient records. As these challenges are addressed we start to see the value being created and this is a process explored in this book. The book offers a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of digital transformation in healthcare.”

    Chris Rushworth, Head of Product, Doctor Care Anywhere

    “This is an important book.  We are facing a global health crisis and the current ‘egosystem’ approach is never going to scale and offer the right economics to address the global need.  This book illustrates how digital technologies can create and transform health ecosystems in way that was never possible and how these digital arenas change the economics of the market allowing greater participation and delivering additional value to those participants. The framework it offers provides a pragmatic guide to the journey to this ecosystem model, allow the reader to embark on the journey without the associated risks such undertakings often attract.  Highly recommended.”

    Marcus Robbins, Chief Digital Advisor - Head of Strategy and Growth - DX Services – Fujitsu UK

    “This rich and engaging book about contemporary challenges in healthcare offers a unique perspective. Targeting practitioners and managers, it operationalises key insights from otherwise hard-to-get academic discussions by carefully selecting, presenting and illustrating these in accessible form -- without trivialising them.”

    Eric Monteiro, Professor of information systems, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

    Professor Constantinides brilliantly navigates healthcare's digital transformation using powerful concepts and vivid examples. His framework illuminates how ecosystem strategy, technology, and human resources empower diverse actors to co-innovate and co-create value. Thoughtfully balancing the possibilities and risks of disruptive technologies like Generative AI and blockchain, he provides an indispensable roadmap for this evolving landscape. A must-read for anyone vested in the future of healthcare!”

    Arun Rai, Regents’ Professor and Howard S. Starks Distinguished Chair, Georgia State University

    “’Digital Transformation in Healthcare: An Ecosystem Approach’ by Professor Constantinides expertly traverses the healthcare landscape. Highlighting the importance of partnerships, digital platforms, and an ecosystem perspective, it offers strategic co-innovation insights for value creation. The book incisively illuminates the potentials of Generative AI, learning infrastructures, and blockchain technologies. An indispensable guide, the book offers profound insights into digital transformation for anyone in healthcare.”

    Elena Karahanna, Distinguished Research Professor and C. Herman & Mary Virginia Terry Distinguished Chair in Business Administration, University of Georgia

    “In Digital Transformation in Healthcare: An Ecosystem Approach, Panos Constantinides provides much-needed guidance for healthcare managers, indeed all managers.  They take a “show, don’t tell” approach by methodically showing the steps, with examples, that organizations must follow to digitally transform their operations and strategy.  The ecosystem approach is necessary for the future success of healthcare organizations so that they can focus on their core competency of providing health services in an efficient and effective manner.”

    Rajiv Kohli, John N. Dalton Memorial Professor of Business, Raymond A. Mason School of Business, William & Mary University

    “Corporations tend to focus on the efficiency gains from digital transformation but, often, fail to see the real transformative power that digital technologies provide: the ability to re-imagine the new possible to achieve what most actors from the established value chain would consider impossible. This timely and comprehensive book is all about the “impossible-new possible” in healthcare through digital transformation, and the enabling role played by digital technologies and ecosystems.  Panos Constantinides presents a compelling framework for healthcare organizations to navigate the complex landscape of digital transformation. From telemedicine and blockchain to federated learning and generative AI technologies, this book provides a rich journey into how ecosystem approaches can activate collaborative partnerships and collective action to unlock innovation and drive transformative change in healthcare solutions. It is a “must read” for healthcare organizations, policymakers, and empowered patients alike who want to shape the new possible.”

    Carmelo Cennamo, Professor Copenhagen Business School

    "Digital Transformation in Healthcare: An Ecosystem Approach" tackles some of the most complex challenges in a critical industry and carefully develops the what, why, and how.  Using concrete examples, the book lays out the key value propositions and architecture, makes the case for the need to change, and develops actionable strategies to make it happen while managing the risks and governance challenges that are sure to arise. I highly recommend it as a key manual to create positive change in healthcare.”

    Geoffrey Parker, Co-author of Platform Revolution,  Charles E. Hutchinson '68A Professor of Engineering Innovation Dartmouth College