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Digitalization of Culture Through Technology Proceedings of the International Online Conference On Digitalization And Revitalization Of Cultural Heritage Through Information Technology- ICDRCT-21, 23-24 Nov 2021, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar

Edited By Deepanjali Mishra, Sasmita Rani Samanta Copyright 2023
    ISBN 9781032315478
    342 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    Published September 21, 2022 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781003332183
    342 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    Published September 20, 2022 by Routledge

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    In the era of digitalization, the world has shrunk and has succeeded in bringing people closer than expected. It has provided a social platform which enables people to interact with an individual, group of users anywhere irrespective of time. It has assisted in various academic, non academic as well as social activities which has made lives more easier. Various researches have been conducted that explored the versatile use of the Internet by the language communities and there has been growing research with various strands based on the possibilities of new technologies for the revitalization as well as for the documentation and preservation of cultures. Digitalization could indeed be the best possible methodology to revive the indigenous culture and folk traditions and practices all over the world and would be useful to demonstrate innovative technologies and prototypes, including digital repositories, digital archives, virtual museums and digital libraries, which result from established practices and achievements in the field.

    This volume brings out the contributions of renowned researchers, academicians and folklorists across the globe. It will be a resource to all researchers, linguistics and learners in the field of Digitalization of Cultural Studies.

    1. Revitalisation of Cultural Diversity Through Global Digitalisation: A Critical View in Education

    Santosh Kumar Behera and Rasmani Karmakar

    2. Cultural Ecosystem and Digital Preservation: A Reflective Study on the Indian Subcontinent

    Shiuly Kisku

    3. Preservation of Tribal Folklore Culture through Digitisation: A Study in the Context of Odisha

    Manoranjan Rath and Pramod Kumar Das

    4. The Cross-Cultural Suicide Prevention through Digital Intervention: A Global Perspective

    Shraddha Dhal

    5. A Fuzzy TOPSIS Approach Towards Industrial Safety

    Deepanjan Nanda, Sushanta Tripathy, Sohini Rudra, Biswajit Mohapatra, Deepak Singhal and Satyabrata Aich

    6. Implementation of Robotics in Safety Management during COVID-19

    Rajnandini Saha, Satyabrata Aich, Deepak Singhal, Puspalata Mahapatra, Sushanta Tripathy and Akankshya Patnaik

    7. Preserving Cultural Heritage through the Use of Digital Technology with Special Reference to West Bengal, India

    Nibedita Pramanik and Santosh Kumar Behera

    8. Digitalisation and Revitalisation of Cultural Heritage through Information Technology

    Yajnaseni Mukherjee and Swapnamoyee Palit

    9. Experimentation with Twitter fiction: A Brief Study with Reference to Chindu Sreedharan’s Epic Retold

    Bithika Gorai and Rajiv Ranjan Dwivedi

    10. Narrating the Silence: Queering the Gay Identities in the Comics of Batman

    Anuradha Dosad

    11. Semiotic Treatment of Folk Education with the Implication of Socio-Digital Knowledge System

    Sibansu Mukherjee and Soumya Sankar Ghosh

    12. Unlocking the Potentials of Indian Women Entrepreneurs Through Smartphone Application: An Empirical Study on the Challenging & Enabling Factors

    Moon Moon Lahiri and Happy Agrawal

    13. The Folklore and Rituals of Sarhul/Khaddi Festival: Revitalising the Lost Tradition with Special Reference to the Oraons of Dooars Region

    Pawan Toppo

    14. Survival of Odisha Ikat in the Digital Era

    Smrutirekha Mohanty

    15. Navratri: A Visual Adaptation of the Divine Feminism and Empowerment

    Vishakha Singhania and Deepanjali Mishra

    16. Role of Artificial Intelligence in Preservation of Culture and Heritage

    Bishwa Ranjan Das, Hima Bindu Maringanti and Niladri Sekhar Dash

    17. Mythological Aspects of Ancient Indian Board Games: A Journey Towards Digitalisation

    Gunjan Singhal Singh and Pooja Sharma

    18. Mahasui Folklore as a Pedagogical Tool: A Catalyst to Reintroduce Mahasui Language and Culture at Elementary School Level

    Vani Sirkeck

    19. Reflections on Digitisation and Promotion of Museums in Telangana, India

    Suneeth Bosipoina Golla, Simran Kashyap, Mahendar Reddy Gavinolla, Lokesh K. N., Raghu Ankati and Janis Bikse

    20. Retrospective Overview of Research on Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

    Mahendar Reddy Gavinolla, Pothukuchi Thriyambakam, Suneeth Bosipoina Golla, Sampada Kumar Swain and Simran Kashyap

    21. Digitalising Narrativity: Reimagining Art and Culture Through Interactive Storytelling

    Jaya Sarkar

    22. Sylheti Folklore: The Importance of Documentation and Digitisation

    Arpita Goswami

    23. Changing Academic Culture Post Digital India

    Ananya Mitra and Shradhanjali Panda

    24. Digitising and Unifying Experiences: A Way Forward

    Kalapoorna Nalla and Prajna Pani

    25. Revival of Keezhadi Civilisation: Impact of Social Media

    Arvin Subramanian, A. Seetharaman and Bhanu Ranjan

    26. Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Kerala Through Digitalisation

    Parvathy V. and Pramod Kumar Das

    27. Digital Feminism: A New Tool for Women’s Protest

    Pallabi Maji and Arindam Modak

    28. e-Commerce Supply Chain Management in India: Evaluation of Challenges

    Kaibalya Ketan Nayak, Satyabrata Aich, Deepak Singhal and Sushanta Tripathy

    29. Impact of Covid-19 on Aerospace Supply Chain

    Kausthav Ray, Sushanta Tripathy, Sharmili Talukdar, Satyabrata Aich and Deepak Singhal

    30. Attitudinal Impact of Entertainment Overload in Malayalam Television on Children

    Karthika C.

    31. Narcissism and Activism—Two Sides of Social Media

    Binita Behera, Pratikshya Priyadarshini and Amarendra Pattnaik

    32. The Revival of “Ghazals” in the Age of Digitalisation

    Zeenat Taher

    33. Popular Culture and Emergent Digital Media: A Contemporary Introspection through the Hook Swinging (Gajan) Festival and Performances

    Subhankar Dutta

    34. A Technological Adaptation of Open Educational Resources as Cultural Heritage of e-learning Platforms through Information and Communication Technology

    Rabindra Kumar Verma

    35. Hypertextuality of Oral Literature(s): Reading the Architectonics of Indian Folklores in Digital Archives

    Narayan Jena and Pramod Kumar Das

    36. “Listening to the Unheard”: An Exploration of Digital Conduits in Goan Folklore via Subaltern Understanding

    Tanvi Kamat Bambolkar

    37. Classical Music for the Masses

    Barnashree Khasnobis

    38. The Preservation and Performance of Intangible Cultural Heritage on Social Media: A Critical Estimation

    Debojoy Chanda and Arindam Das

    39. The Disappearance of River from Human Consciousness: A Reiteration of Poems along the Mahanadi River Line to Address Environmental Concerns

    Itishri Sarangi

    40. Preservation of Tribal Culture through Digitalisation in 21st Century

    Babita Das and Bharati Kujur

    41. Graphical Revolution and Sustainable Revitalisation of South Korea through Media

    Smriti Panda, Anushka Khare and Deepanjali Mishra

    42. Dharabibarani: An Analysis of Sri Jagannath on Digital Platform

    Golak Bihari Palai and Deepanjali Mishra

    43. Folk Beliefs and Folk Traditions of Kandha Tribe of Kandhamal District of Odisha: An Overview

    Rasmita Tripathy and Preetinanda Roy

    44. Rise of Unplugged Folk Music in New Media

    Pallavi Kiran

    45. Digitalisation of Haryanvi Folk Songs: A Curious Case of Preserving Intangible Cultural Heritage through Social Media

    Devender Kumar

    46. Encoder’s Message versus Decoder’s Interpretation: A Study into the Cinematic Adaptation of Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake

    Manoj Kumar Rath

    47. Indian Folk Tale and Lessons on Skill Management: A Reference to the Story “The Case of the King and the Foolish Monkey” in Panchatantra

    Chinmayee Nanda

    48. Impact of a Child Inclusive Urban Space on ECD (Early Child Development) and Community

    Nitish Jain

    49. Using Travel Vlogs to Sensitise the Future IT Professionals towards the Decoding and Re-coding of their Native Cultural Heritage

    Priyambada Pal

    50. The Evolution of Indo-African Relations and its Status During the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Pramodini Jena

    51. Folk Literature and Ecological Sustainability in Tribal Odisha: An Overview

    Sanjeeta Kumari Devi

    52. Parsing (Digital) Heritage: Institutional and Vernacular Excursions in Heritage and Technology

    Anthony Bak Buccitelli

    53. Movement and Mentality: Exploring the Lives of Nomadic Tribes

    Shivaji Sargar

    54. Impact of Folklore on Indian School Education, An Empirical Study

    K. Nanda Kishore Nadig and Madhusudan N.

    55. Governmental Policies towards Digitalisation of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Odisha and its Accessibility by Migrated Population

    Sanjaya Kumar Sahoo and Sukanta Chandra Swain

    56. Integrating Technology with Folklore for English Language Teaching: A Blended Learning Approach

    Pramod Kumar Das and Ajit Kumar Pradhan

    57. Effects of Podcasts on Listening Comprehension of Ethiopian Undergraduate Learners

    Z. W. Adanech


    Deepanjali Mishra, Associate Professor, School of Humanities, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar

    Sasmita Rani Samanta, Professor, Commerce and Management and Vice Chancellor, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar

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