1st Edition

Digitalizing Sustainability The Five Forces of Digital Transformation

By Kathryn Sforcina Copyright 2023
    160 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    160 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Digitalizing Sustainability outlines why ‘business as usual’ isn't working and sets out five Transformational Forces which can be used to innovate and scale sustainability solutions using digital means.

    This transformation will be powered by a range of digital technologies that have the potential to ideate, propel and scale sustainability solutions in an exponential manner over the next decade. This book introduces the Five Forces of Digital Transformation. These forces all share a common root – they are powered by digital technologies that enable them to operate at the speed and scale that we need to achieve global transformation for people and planet. Working together, these forces help overcome many of the barriers and pitfalls that humanity has faced in trying to achieve sustainability 2.0 and will help you tackle these questions:

    1. Why has sustainability 1.0 failed us?
    2. What are the bugs and bad code in our operating systems that we must address to have any hope of creating a sustainable civilization?
    3. What are the Five Forces of Digital Transformation that will forge a sustainable and resilient future for our people and planet?
    4. What are the core priorities going forward for coalitions of the willing to harness these forces for sustainability and resilience?

    Disruptive and innovative, this book provides readers with a clear path forward to a sustainable digital future. It will be of great interest to anyone interested in the adoption of digital technologies for driving solutions to global sustainability challenges.

    Part One: Understanding the "Hard Problem" for Sustainability

    Chapter One: Tracking the trajectory of Spaceship Earth

    Chapter Two: Re-coding the "operating systems" of Spaceship Earth

    Chapter Three: Introducing the five forces of digital transformation


    Part Two: The Five Forces of Digital Transformation

    Chapter Four: Transformational Force #1: Sense-Making

    Chapter Five: Transformational Force #2: Socializing

    Chapter Six: Transformational Force #3: Valuing

    Chapter Seven: Transformational Force #4: Embedding

    Chapter Eight: Transformational Force #5: Adapting


    Part Three: When These Forces Converge

    Chapter Nine: The dark side of the force

    Chapter Ten: Convergence by Design

    Chapter Eleven: May the transformational forces be with you



    Kathryn Sforcina began her journey with radical transformation as a serial entrepreneur and has 20+ years experience as a c-level executive and board member. Kathryn is presently the Founding Director of Transforming Tribes (transformingtribes.com), a management consulting firm that transforms the way modern-day tribes relate to people, purpose, place and planet by exploring the intersection of ancient wisdom, modern science, human connection and emergent technologies.

    "It has reframed my thinking around what it means to scale sustainability globally, and I share Kathryn’s esteem for the common good of the planet as a lens for rewiring our systems and in turn, our behaviors, to achieve universal impact."

    Lindsey Peterson, Global President of Earthforce at Salesforce 

    "Kathryn ably stares down the 'hard problem' of sustainability… bringing her pragmatic systems thinking to the challenge. The five transformational forces will re-shape the questions you ask in your business, in policy making, decision making and strategy setting. How might we harness these transformational forces to create a sustainable planet?"

    Meredith England, Director of Systems Innovation, Climate-KIC Australia

    "Kathryn has done an amazing job of not only sounding the climate alarm bells but she also intelligently processes how digital technologies and transformations are crucial solutions to scale the change needed."

    Eddie Listorti, CEO, Viridios Capital Global

    "Kathryn Sforcina is a force of nature! Her passion for sustainability and creating change in the world is breathtaking, this new book from her offers both a stark reality check and a way forward through the complex and challenging world and contribution of the digital reality in which we live today. Kathryn Sforcina’s work offers an invaluable contribution to the pathway to meet the United Nations Sustainability Goals. This work is insightful, challenging and deeply encouraging."

    Stephen Moss, Managing Director and Chair, Symon Capital

    "We’re all pretty clear on the why and the what, but we’re missing the how. 'HOW' do we fundamentally shift our approach to enterprise in a way that harnesses the power of technology to honour our humanity whilst recognising the urgency of the crisis we are facing? Never before have we needed the finely tuned minds of today’s thinkers pointed so directly to solve the crises we are facing, like we do now. Sforcina’s five forces has done just that, by taking the familiar and applying it to the wicked problem of sustainable growth.Sforcina’s approach to these five forces, takes a sustainability mindset and turns it from being an esoteric construct or worse, an after-thought to business or commercial strategy, and breaks it down into something clear, tangible and most importantly, 'followable'."

    Olivia Tyler, Managing Director AUS/NZ, Edge Environment