1st Edition

Digitization of Economy and Society Emerging Paradigms

    362 Pages 5 Color & 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    362 Pages 5 Color & 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    362 Pages 5 Color & 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    This new volume looks at a selection of important issues resulting from the digitization of society, which has fundamentally transformed organizations. These new technological innovations are creating new opportunities as well as new challenges. This volume considers the emerging paradigm of digitization in economy and society, which covers a wide spectrum of digitization processes and consequences, accelerated by the current COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdown scenario, and the increase in digitization by individuals, businesses, and governments.

    The book explores digital social trends, digital marketing, and the service industry, as well as the societal consequences of technologies and solutions to those problems. The diverse topics include the societal impact of digitization on gender issues, virtual relationships, e-government, online privacy, the gig economy (using Uber as an example), work life changes, online education, online media health public service advertisements, loneliness of the elderly, and more.

    This book is essential reading for students and faculty of social sciences, economics, and management technology to understand the broad dimensions of digitization in our everyday life and the theoretical and practical utilization and outcome of digitization.

    PART 1: Digital Social Trends 

    1. Impact of Social Networking Sites in the Construction of Masculinity: A Sociological Study of High School Boys of Kolkata 

    Madhurima Dasgupta 

    2. Digital Transformation and Its Impact: An Analytical Study 

    Jayanta Kumar Behera 

    3. Virtual Connections: Friendship Relationships in the Cyber Age 

    Ananya Chatterjee 

    4. Digital Self: Men and Women Motorcyclists ‘Doing Gender’ Through Social Networking Sites 

    Sukanya Pal 

    5. E-Governance: Impact on Society 

    Chaitali Guha Sinha 

    PART 2: Digital Marketing and the Service Industry 

    6. Digital Marketing in Today’s Privacy-Conscious World 

    Rahul Singh 

    7. A Strategic Analysis of the Rise and Fall of Uber in the Private Urban Transport Business in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara 

    José G. Vargas-Hernández 

    PART 3: Societal Consequences of Technologies and Solutions 

    8. Impact of Digitalization on Pedagogical Innovation and Changing Work Life of a University Teaching Professional in West Bengal 

    Pujasree Chatterjee 

    9. Career Choice: A Critical Study in the Age of Digitalization 

    Sanchari De 

    10. Analyzing Digital Media Public Service Advertisements on Health and Hygiene: A Rural Indian Scenario 

    Sharmila Kayal, Ruma Saha, and Sayak Pal 

    11. Technology Usage and Loneliness Among Older Adults 

    Trisha Bakshi 

    12. Technology in Language Classrooms of India: Decoding Digital Learning and Dynamics of Context and Curriculum 

    Debanjali Roy and Tanmoy Putatunda 

    13. Electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) 

    Debastuti Dasgupta and Alok Kumar Sahai 


    Sudeshna Basu Mukherjee, PhD, is Professor and an alumnus of the Department of Sociology at the University of Calcutta, India. With over 30 years of academic experience, Dr. Mukherjee focuses on sociological theory, research methodology, sociology of organization, and sociology of aging. Dr. Mukherjee has to her credit book chapters, papers in national and international publications, and the book Innovative Work Behavior and Global Challenges for Managers: Innovative Work Behaviour and the Role of Human Resource.

    Saheli Guha Neogi Ghatak, PhD, is Assistant Professor of the Department of Sociology, School of Liberal Arts and Culture Studies at Adamas University, West Bengal, India. She has published over 12 research papers in national and international peer-reviewed journals and book chapters and has presented research papers at many national and international seminars and conferences. She was invited as a guest researcher by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and as chairperson of an international conference in Bangladesh. Dr. Ghatak is a life member of the Indian Sociological Society.

    Nilanjan Ray, PhD, is Associate Professor of Marketing Management at Adamas University in the School of Management, West Bengal, India. He has 10 years of teaching experience at university level and six years of research experience. Dr. Ray has published over 60 research papers in national and international journals and proceedings, as well as research handbooks published by Springer, IGI-Global USA, and Apple Academic Publisher/CRC Press. He is also a reviewer for the Tourism Management Journal of Service Marketing, Journal of Business and Economics, and Research Journal of Business and Management Accounting. He is an editorial board member of several journals as well.