1st Edition

Dilemmas of Nuclear Strategy

By Roman Kolkowicz Copyright 1987
    136 Pages
    by Routledge

    144 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume reflects the research and discussions for the Bellagio Conference, with a spcial emphasis on the distinct perspective introduced by the Europeans on the issues of superpower strategic relations in general and on MAD and SDI in particular. Their views are shaped by concerns on how these broader issues might affect their own national security interests.

    Part 1 Introduction: the rise and decline of deterrence doctrine, Roman Kolkowicz. Part 2 Nuclear deterrence -critical assessments: the not-quite-absolute weapon -deterrence and the legacy of Bernard Brodie, Gregg Herken; deterrence - the problem - not the solution, Michael MacGwire; nuclear strategy - can there be a happy ending? Fred Charles Ikle. Part 3 European perspectives: nuclear deterrence and European security - towards a not so happy ending? Pierre Lellouche; the reception of American deterrence theory in the Federal republic of Germany and th German nuclear debate of th e1950s,Wolfgang Heisenberg; after NATO's dual track decision of 1979 - where do we go from here? Christian Hacke. Part 4 Arms control and nuclear strategy: deterrence and arms control, George Rathjens; arms and races and instability, Michael Intriligator, Dagobert Brito.


    Roman Kolkowicz