1st Edition

Dilmun Temple At Saar Bahrain and its Archaeological Inheritance

Edited By Harriet Crawford, Robert Killick, Jane Moon Copyright 1997
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    148 Pages
    by Routledge

    The London-Bahrain Archaeological Expedition began excavations at Saar in 1990. The research has focused on the excavation of a Dilmun settlement dating to the Early Dilmun period, around 2000 BC. The discovery and excavation of this settlement and its associated temple represent important additions to the archaeological heritage of Bahrain, and complement earlier discoveries at Barbar, Diraz, and Umm As-Sejjur. This book contains a full account of the excavation and finds from the Dilmun Temple at Saar. It discusses in detail the design and construction of the temple and provides invaluable new information about daily life, social customs and religious beliefs of the period.

    1. Early Dilmun and the Saar Settlement 2. The Architectural History of the Temple 3. Activities Inside the Temple: The Evidence of Microstratigraphy 4. Seals and Sealings: Fragments of Art and Administration Catalogue of Seals and Sealings 5. Temple Paraphernalia: Tools, Containers and Other Items Stone Artefacts, including Ground-Stone Tools Jane Moon & Robyn Stocks Chipped Stone Tools Robyn Stocks, Pottery 6. Food Remains Plant Material Dominique de Moulins, Faunal Remains 6. Molluscs


    Harriet Crawford, Robert Killick both Institute of Archaeology University College London, Jane Moon McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research University of Cambridge.