1st Edition

Dinosaur Dictionary for Kids The Everything Guide for Kids Who Love Dinosaurs

By Bob Korpella Copyright 2016
    176 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Packed with hundreds of illustrated definitions about dinosaurs and the world in which they lived, Dinosaur Dictionary for Kids is certain to spark any kid's enthusiasm for the age of dinosaurs. Explore the Mesozoic era. Learn about dinosaurs that lived on land, animals that swam the waters, and species that patrolled the skies. Find out about dinosaur extinction, how scientists date fossils, and what it takes to become a paleontologist. Dinosaur Dictionary for Kids will be there when it's time to write reports, delve into projects, prepare assignments, or just curl up and discover more about these amazing creatures. Sidebar topics, fun activities, and quick quizzes make learning about dinosaurs even more fun! Divided into sections for quick access to the easy-to-understand definitions and amazing full-color illustrations, Dinosaur Dictionary for Kids is a must-have for any kid's home library.

    Grades 3-6

    Acknowledgements Introduction to the Mesozoic Era Note on Using the Dictionary Basic Terms of the Mesozoic Era Digging Deeper: How Do We Know What We Know About Dinosaurs? Introduction to the Triassic Period Dinosaurs of the Triassic Period Digging Deeper: The Bone Wars Introduction to the Jurassic Period Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Period Digging Deeper: Dinosaurs and Birds: Are They Related? Introduction to the Cretaceous Period Dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period Digging Deeper: What Color Were Dinosaurs? Other Animals of the Mesozoic Era Fish and Marine Life Flying Reptiles Mammals Insects and Spiders Reptiles Early Birds Digging Deeper: Extinction Dinosaur Bites: Activities and More Bibliography About the Author Index of Species


    Bob Korpella is a freelance writer and nature photographer. He has earned certification as a Master Naturalist, serving as program chair, vice-president and president of the Springfield, MO, chapter over the past several years

    The Dinosaur Dictionary for Kids by Bob Korpella is so beautifully illustrated that it did not surprise me when it turned out to be a Prufrock book. Prufrock knows how to illustrate its pages—clear to the edges.

    In my teaching fantasy world, I would buy a book for each child. It would be my reading program and my science program. And at the end of the year, each child would take this book home to keep and use forever.

    Short of that, just buy Dinosaur Dictionary for Kids for your own children, your grandchildren, and at least a few copies for your classroom.,Elaine S. Wiener,Gifted Education Communicator, 8/13/16
    Probably nothing in the world fascinates kids as much as dinosaurs. There are plenty of books out there, but this may be one of the best to come along in quite a while. This should become the go-to book for middle-grade readers and above who have an interest in dinosaurs . . . The writing is snappy and the information fun and fascinating. Kids will love this book and will wear it out reading it over and over. A winner!,Rosi Hollinbeck,San Francisco Book Review, 9/1/16
    Dinophiles, rejoice! One hundred and seventy-six dinosaurs lead the big parade, alphabetically within their periods in the Mesozoic era, followed by floats of mostly Mesozoic fish, insects, early birds, flying reptiles, and more . . . Ample, up-to-date grist for the dino-mill, sure to have youngsters wheedling for a vacation to those geological sites.,Manning Patricia,School Library Journal, 9/19/16