1st Edition

Directions Of Change & Modernization Theory, Research, And Realities

By Mustafa O Attir Copyright 1981
    by Routledge

    298 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This book examines the modernization process with particular attention to how it is affected by cultural — and especially socioeconomic — variables. It describes major theoretical approaches to the idea of modernity and points to the sociological issues interlinked with modernization.

    Part 1: Modernization Theory: Frameworks and Issues 1. Convergence and Divergence in Industrial Societies 2. Comparative Methodological Approaches in the Study of Modernization 3. Socioeconomic System as a Variable in the Modernization Process Part 2: Aspects of Change: Special Factors and Concepts 4. Changes in the Nature of Ethnicity: From the Primordial to the Organizational 5. Modernization and Development Potential of Traditional Grass Roots Peasant Organizations 6. Structures of Knowledge Use in Modernization: Professions, Technology, and Moral Order 7. Modernization, Everyday Life, and Social Roles: Benefits and Costs of Life in "Developed" Societies 8. The Rate of Social Change and Modernization Part 3: Case Studies: Modernization, Quality of Life, and Solidarities 9. Socioeconomic Development Plans and Individual Satisfaction in Libya 10. Urbanization and Modernization: The Other Side of the Coin 11. Modernization Research in Culturally Segmented Societies: A Peruvian Experience 12. Modernization or Americanization? The Concept of Modernity and American Culture


    Mustafa O Attir