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Directions in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis

About the Series

Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis are cognate approaches to the study of social action that together comprise a major perspective within the contemporary human sciences. Ethnomethodology focuses upon the production of situated and ordered social action of all kinds, whilst Conversation Analysis has a more specific focus on the production and organisation of talk-in-interaction. Of course, given that so much social action is conducted in and through talk, there are substantive as well theoretical continuities between the two approaches. Focusing on social activities as situated human productions, these approaches seek to analyse the intelligibility and accountability of social activities ‘from within’ those activities themselves, using methods that can be analysed and described. Such methods amount to aptitudes, skills, knowledge and competencies that members of society use, rely upon and take for granted in conducting their affairs across the whole range of social life.

As a result of the methodological rewards consequent upon their unique analytic approach and attention to the detailed orderliness of social life, Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis have ramified across a wide range of human science disciplines throughout the world, including anthropology, social psychology, linguistics, communication studies and social studies of science and technology.

This series is dedicated to publishing the latest work in these two fields, including research monographs, edited collections and theoretical treatises. As such, its volumes are essential reading for those concerned with the study of human conduct and aptitudes, the (re)production of social orderliness and the methods and aspirations of the social sciences.

Follow the link below for the series ‘freebook’ of Taylor & Francis / Routledge Content, Ethnomethodological and Conversation Analytic Studies of Race and Racism in Everyday Interaction:

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Harold Garfinkel The Creation and Development of Ethnomethodology

Harold Garfinkel: The Creation and Development of Ethnomethodology

1st Edition

By Dirk vom Lehn
May 01, 2014

This book is a concise intellectual biography of Harold Garfinkel, a key figure in 20th-century social science. Garfinkel is practically synonymous with ethnomethodology, an approach that since the 1960s has led to major analytic and methodological developments in sociology and other disciplines. ...

Respecifying Lab Ethnography An Ethnomethodological Study of Experimental Physics

Respecifying Lab Ethnography: An Ethnomethodological Study of Experimental Physics

1st Edition

By Philippe Sormani
October 15, 2014

Respecifying Lab Ethnography delivers the first ethnomethodological study of current experimental physics in action, describing the disciplinary orientation of lab work and exploring the discipline in its social order, formal stringency and skilful performance - in situ and in vivo. Drawing upon ...

Socialization: Parent-Child Interaction in Everyday Life

Socialization: Parent-Child Interaction in Everyday Life

1st Edition

By Sara Keel
March 16, 2016

Adopting a conversation analytic approach informed by ethnomethodology, this book examines the process of socialization as it takes place within everyday parent–child interactions. Based on a large audio-visual corpus featuring footage of families filmed extensively in their homes, the author ...

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