Heartworm disease is probably the most well-known disease of dogs, and its epidemiology is being recorded in those countries in which the disease is routinely treated in the domestic dog. It is hoped that this text will be of benefit to us all and that our understanding of this disease will continue to grow and so enable us to resolve some of the exsiting problems associated with the treatment of this disease. To this end, the book aims to project some hypotheses in different areas that, while unproven, seem to be the most probable, based on our current knowledge.

    1. Dirofilaria 2. Biologu of dirofilaria immitis 3. The biochemistry of dirofilaria immitis 4. Clinical signs and diagnosis of canine dirofilariasis 5. Radiology of heartworm disease 6. Pathology and pathogenesis of dirofilariasis 7. Therapy decisions in relation to aspects of pathophysiology 8. Chemotherapy and chemoprophylaxis 9. Adverse reactions to diethylcarbamazine in the treatment of dirofilariasis 10. Immunology of canine dirofilariasis 11. Caval syndrome 12. Feline heartworm disease 13. Dirofilariasis in man


    Boreham, P. F. L.