1st Edition

Disaster Research Multidisciplinary and International Perspectives

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    270 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Given the tendency of books on disasters to predominantly focus on strong geophysical or descriptive perspectives and in-depth accounts of particular catastrophes, Disaster Research provides a much-needed multidisciplinary perspective of the area.

    This book is is structured thematically around key approaches to disaster research from a range of different, but often complementary academic disciplines. Each chapter presents distinct approaches to disaster research that is anchored in a particular discipline; ranging from the law of disasters and disaster historiography to disaster politics and anthropology of disaster. The methodological and theoretical contributions underlining a specific approach to disasters are discussed and illustrative empirical cases are examined that support and further inform the proposed approach to disaster research.

    The book thus provides unique insights into fourteen state-of-the-art disciplinary approaches to the understanding of disasters. The theoretical discussions as well as the diverse range of disaster cases should be of interest to both postgraduate and undergraduate students, as well as academics, researchers and policymakers.

    Foreword  1. Disaster Research: An Introduction Rasmus Dahlberg, Oliver Rubin and Morten Thanning Vendelø Part I:  2. Cracks in the Past: Historical Approaches to Disaster Research Rasmus Dahlberg  3. Theology and Disaster Studies: From ‘Acts of God’ to Divine Presence Niels Henrik Gregersen Part II:  4. Making Sense of Disaster: The Cultural Studies of Disaster Peer Illner ad Isak Winkel Holm  5. The Social Life of Disasters: An Anthropological Approach Birgitte Refslund Sørensen and Kristoffer Albris  6. Natural Disasters and Politics Oliver Rubin  7. Legal Scholarship and Disasters Kristian Cedervall Lauta  8. Natural Disasters, Conflict and Security Oliver Rubin  9. Analyzing Communication Processes in the Disaster Cycle: Theoretical Complementarities and Tensions Nina Blom Andersen  10. Disaster through a Gender Lens: A Case Study from Haiti Lynn Horton Part III  11. Organizational Accidents Theories Alessia Bianco Dolino and Maurizion Catino  12. Disasters in a Sensemaking perspective: The Præstø Fjord Accident Morten Thanning Vendelø  13. Transboundary Crisis: Organization and Coordination in Pandemic Influenza Response Erik Bækkeskov  14. Disaster Financing in a Developing Country Context Peter Fisker, Henrik Hansen and John Rand Part IV  15. Disaster mental Health: Research and Implications for Intervention Silja Hendersen, Peter Berliner and Peter Elsass  Epilogue Rasmus Dahlberg, Oliver Rubin and Morten Thanning Vendelø


    Rasmus Dahlberg is a PhD Fellow and Co-founder of Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Olivier Rubin is Associate Professor of Disasters and Global Politics, Department of Society and Globalisation, Roskilde University, Denmark.

    Morten Thanning Vendelø is Associate Professor and Co-Founder of Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

    "The world of disasters is changing, creating deep challenges for practitioners and academics alike. A truly interdisciplinary group of disaster researchers have joined perspectives from as far afield as theology and economics, history and anthropology, risk and law. This intriguing book puts Copenhagen on the map as a new center for disaster research. Warmly recommended!"Arjen Boin, Professor of Public Institutions and Governance, Leiden University

    "With an explicitly multidisciplinary approach, this excellent new book on disasters brings together the fields of anthropology, law, communication, theology, and politics into a single place.  Combining detailed case studies of catastrophes with illuminating theory, this internationally focused volume will of service to researchers and graduate students alike."Daniel P. Aldrich, Professor of Political Science, Northeastern University

    "Congratulations to the authors and editors for bringing together so many topics in relation to disasters – topics which require more interaction and cross-over. This book breaks through disciplinary boundaries, demonstrating the need to work together and providing an inspiration to do so."Dr. Ilan Kelman, Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, University College London.

    "This timely and wide-ranging volume provides an excellent overview of disaster and accident research from a multiple disciplinary perspectives. The authors demonstrate a thorough understanding of the theoretical and empirical literature and illustrate their points through the use of case studies. Recommended for everyone who wants to know about where the field of disaster research has been and where it is going." - Kathleen Tierney, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder