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Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience

About the Series

The Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience series serves the international urban and regional planning community, as well as those in related disciplines including public administration, architecture, engineering, political science, sociology, envrionmental and physical sciences, and the many disciplines connected to disaster work and research. The series brings together a cross-disciplinary group of experienced researchers and practitioners to author timely, interdisciplinary and practical information for practitioners, students and researchers.

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Disasters and Economic Recovery

Disasters and Economic Recovery

1st Edition


By Davia C. Downey
July 06, 2021

Disasters and Economic Recovery provides perspectives on the economic issues that emerge before, during, and after natural disasters in an international context, by assessing the economic development patterns that emerge before and after disaster. This book will provide a historical overview of ...

Displaced by Disaster Recovery and Resilience in a Globalizing World

Displaced by Disaster: Recovery and Resilience in a Globalizing World

1st Edition

By Ann-Margaret Esnard, Alka Sapat
June 26, 2014

Displacement has traditionally been conceptualized as a phenomenon that results from conflict or other disruptions in developing or unstable countries. Hurricane Katrina shattered this notion and highlighted the various dilemmas of population displacement in the United States. The dilemmas stem ...

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