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    Published in 2000. Disclosures occur at every level of human experience; a slip of the tongue, intentional betrayals of confidences, carefully worded affidavits, intimate avowals of passion, confessions, or exposes, of our most deeply hidden secrets. This book is the first detailed study of the term disclosure, as it resonates in its many connotations. To our eyes all things are either covered or uncovered, hidden or revealed, clothed or naked, seen or unseen. Disclosure and closure, as they are explored in these pages, are not simply oppositions but alternate moments in a process of communication. By unravelling the kinds and levels of disclosure existing in language games of different communitive contexts, this book is, itself, a revelation. It is a scholarly and illuminating study of the pervasiveness of disclosures in interpersonal, moral, cultural and political terms from the ancient times of Athenian democracy to contemporary society.

    1. Publicity in the Political Arena: Metaphors of Spectacle, Combat and Display, Vicki Spencer  2. Language and Disclosure: Habermas and the Struggle for Reason, Angela Clare  3. Baring All: Self-Disclosure as Moral Exhortation, Marion Maddox  4. Shifting Policy Frameworks: Disclosure and Discipline, Carol Bacchi  5. Therapeutic Self-Disclosure: The Talking Care, Paul Corcoran  6. Applying the Gag, Greg McCarthy  7. Silence, Paul Corcoran.


    Paul Corcoran, Vicki Spencer