1st Edition

Discourse Of Law

By S. C. Humphreys Copyright 1985

    First Published in 1985. This Volume I, Part 2 of the History and Anthropology series and focuses as Law as a discourse, including essays on disputes of locals in Eastern Brittiany on the ninth century, a British Indian dilemma when looking at property law, law-enforcement in eighteenth century England, Islamic Law in the Medieval Middle East and its social contest and silent law in context of the slaves in nineteenth century Brazil.

    Introduction: Law, Anthropology and History, Law as Discourse, Ancestors: Henry Maine and the constitution of primitive society, Law and Knowledge: Disputes, their conduct and their settlement in the village communities of eastern Brittany in the ninth century, Social relations on stage: Witnesses in Classical Athens, Law and Local Power: The benevolent proprietor and the property law: A British-Indian dilemma, Law, arbitrariness and the power of the Lords of North Lebanon, The Legal Discourse: Speech and Silences: 11Reading the Riot Act: The discourse of law-enforcement in 18th century England, Silences of the law: Customary law and positive law on the manumission of slaves in 19th century Brazil, Islamic law and the social context of exchange in the medieval Middle East.


    Sally Humphreys