1st Edition

Discourses in Place Language in the Material World

By Ron Scollon, Suzie Wong Scollon Copyright 2003
    258 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    Discourses in Place is essential reading for anyone with an interest in language and the way we communicate. Written by leaders in the field, this text argues that we can only interpret the meaning of public texts like road signs, notices and brand logos by considering the social and physical world that surrounds them. Drawing on a wide range of real examples, from signs in the Chinese mountains, to urban centres in Austria, Italy, North America and Hong Kong, this textbook equips students with the methodology and models they need to undertake their own research in 'geosemiotics', the key interface between semiotics and the physical world.
    Discourses in Place is highly illustrated, containing real examples of language in the material world, including a 'how to use this book' section, group and individual activities, and a glossary of key terms.

    1: Geosemiotics 2: Indexicality 3: The Interaction Order 4: Visual Semiotics 5: Interlude on Geosemiotics 6: Place Semiotics: Code Preference 7: Place Semiotics: Inscription 8: Place Semiotics: Emplacement 9: Place Semiotics: Discourse in Time and Space 10: Indexicality, Dialogicality, and Selection in Action Glossary References


    Ron Scollon is Professor of lInguistics at Georgetown University, USA, and Editor of Visual Communication. Suzie Wong Scollon, is Research Coordinator, Associated Sociocultural Research Projects, Georgetown University, USA. Includes examples from North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

    'This is an important and highly original book which is likely to initiate a whole new approach to teaching and researching language in social life.' – BAAL Book Prize Panel

    'Discourses in Place is a pioneering study that establishes the field of
    geosemiotics.' –
    Linguist List

    'This is a useful book for the study of semiotics, human geography and cultural anthropology ... Written in a reader-friendly style, gurus, undergraduates and laypeople will find it accessible and informative.' – Discourse Studies