1st Edition

Diseases of Forest Trees and their Management

    The book is intended to provide comprehensive introduction to the important aspects of the field of forest pathology and tree diseases. The book is arranged in two major parts. The fundamental chapters, present forest diseases, pathogens, epidemics, and management that is applicable to all forest trees. The applied chapters on the individual crops that are grouped alphabetically present information on the symptoms, pathogen and integrated management of major diseases of forest trees. It was designed to give a broad overview of the field of forest pathology but with sufficient detail that they will be able to assess their specific role as practicing forestry professionals.
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    1. Forest Pathology 2. Historical Aspects and Outbreaks of Forest Pathology 3. Plant Disease: Symptoms and Signs 4. Forest Tree Pathogens 5. Forest Tree Disease Epidemiology 6. Principles of Forest Tree Disease Management 7. Diseases of Acacia sp.  8. Diseases of Aegle marmelos 9. Diseases of Ailanthus excelsa 10. Diseases of Ailanthus triphysa 11. Diseases of Albizia lebbeck 12. Diseases of Aquilaria malaccensis 13. Diseases of Azadirachta indica 14. Diseases of Bauhinia variegata 15. Diseases of Bombax ceiba 16. Diseases of Callistemon viminalis 17. Diseases of Calophyllum inophyllum 18. Diseases of Casuarina equisetifolia 19. Diseases of Cedrus deodara 20. Diseases of Dalbergia latifolia 21. Diseases of Dalbergia sissoo 22. Diseases of Dendrocalamus strictus 23. Diseases of Eucalyptus globules 24. Diseases of Ficus benghalensis 25. Diseases of Ficus racemosa 26. Diseases of Gmelina arborea 27. Diseases of Grevillea robusta 28. Diseases of Hardwickia binata 29. Diseases of Jatropha curcas 30. Diseases of Leucaena leucocephala 31. Diseases of Madhuca longifolia latifolia 32. Diseases of Magnolia champaca 33. Diseases of Melia dubia 34. Diseases of Millettia pinnata 35. Diseases of Morus indica 36. Diseases of Peltophorum pterocarpum 37. Diseases of Phyllanthus emblica 38. Diseases of Picea smlthiana 39. Diseases of Pinus roxburghii 40. Diseases of Pinus strobus 41. Diseases of Pinus wallichiana 42. Diseases of Populus sp. 43. Diseases of Prosopis juliflora 44. Diseases of Pterocarpus marsupium 45. Diseases of Pterocarpus santalinus 46. Diseases of Santalum album 47. Diseases of Shorea robusta 48.Diseases of Syzygium cumini 49. Diseases of Tamarindus indica 50. Diseases of Tectonia grandis 51. Diseases of Terminalia sp. 52.Diseases of Ziziphus mauritiana 53. Wood Decaying Fungi


    S. Parthasarathy, Amrita School of Agricultural Sciences, Tamil Nadu, India

    G. Thiribhuvanamala, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Tamil Nadu, India

    P. Muthulakshmi, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Tamil Nadu, India

    K. Angappan, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Tamil Nadu, India