1st Edition

Disinfection By-Products in Water TreatmentThe Chemistry of Their Formation and Control

By Roger A. Minear, Gary Amy Copyright 1996
    518 Pages
    by CRC Press

    520 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Disinfection By-Products in Water Treatment describes new government regulations related to disinfection by-products. It explains the formation of microorganism by-products during water treatment and the methods employed to control them.
    The book includes several chapters on chlorine by-products and discusses techniques for the removal of chloroform from drinking water. It also describes gamma radiation techniques for removing microorganic by-product precursors from natural waters and the removal of bromate from drinking water.

    Part I: General Aspects 1. Disinfection By-Products: Current Practices and Future Directions 2. Minimizing Disinfection By-Product Formation while Ensuring Giardia Control Part II: Chlorine By-Products 3. The Impact of TOC and Bromide on Chlorination By-Product Formation 4. Influence of Bromide Ion on Trihalomethane and Haloacetic Acid Formation 5. Removal of Chloroform from Drinking Water Using High-Energy Electron Beam Irradiation 6. Disinfection By-Product Precursor Removal from Natural Waters Using Gamma Radiation to Simulate an Innovative Water Treatment Process Part III: Ozonation and Brominated Disinfection By-Products 7. An Overview of Ozonation Disinfection By-Products 8. Ozonation of Bromide-Containing Waters: Bromate Formation through Ozone and Hydroxyl Radicals 9. Removal of Bromate after Ozonation during Drinking Water Treatment 10. Ozone-Bromide Interactions with NOM Separated by XAD-8 Resin and UF/RO Membrane Methods 11. Evaluation of Bromate Formation and Ozone Decomposition Kinetics 12. Hydrolysis and Dehalogenation of Trihaloacetaldehydes 13. The Effect of Granular Activated Carbon Surface Chemistry on Bromate Reduction 14. DBP Speciation and Kinetics as Affected by Ozonation and Biotreatment Part IV: Chloramines and Chlorine Dioxide 15. Verification of a Rational Kinetic Model for Chloroform Formation from a Model Precursor during Water Chlorination 16. Modeling the Distribution of Chloramines during Drinking Water Chloramination 17. Chloramine Loss and By-Product Formation in Chloraminated Water 18. A Study of Disinfection By-Products Formed Using Four Alternative Disinfectants as a Function of Precursor Characteristics 19. The Use of ClO2 in Drinking Water Treatment: Formation and Control of Inorganic By-Products(ClO2-, ClO3-) Part V: Influence of Natural Organic Matter on ByProducts 20. Using Fractionated Natural Organic Matter to Study Ozonation By-Product Formation 21. Characterization of NOM Removal by Biofiltration: Impact of Coagulation, O


    Minear, Roger A.; Amy, Gary