1st Edition

Disinfection and Decontamination Principles, Applications and Related Issues

Edited By Gurusamy Manivannan Copyright 2008
    512 Pages 81 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    In the battle between humans and microbes, knowledge may be not only the best weapon but also the best defense. Pulling contributions from 34 experts into a unified presentation, Disinfection and Decontamination: Principles, Applications, and Related Issues provides coverage that is both sophisticated and practical. The book reviews the fundamentals, explores the interdisciplinary nature of the science, and includes discussions of regulatory and legal issues. While the chapters present in depth coverage of infections in hospitals, they also widen their scope to include laboratories outside the healthcare environment.

    Based on practical experience, the volume examines recent advances in the research, development, and applications for disinfection and decontamination in many different settings. The chapters address, and supply insight into, the issues found with infectious disease, devices and new materials for implantation, principles, mechanisms, testing methods and strategies, and various applications. They also cover current research and best practice for ways to reduce infection caused by devices. The book’s emphasis on new technologies highlights the need for safer biocides and microbiological concerns in the manufacturing environment.

    The broad focus combined with the global, interdisciplinary panel of authors gives you a snapshot of disease transmission, perspectives on infectious challenges and solutions in a global perspective, and an understanding of global governance. The book offers in depth information on specific topics and an understanding of the fundamentals, giving you a starting point and precise information for resolving problems.

    Perspectives on Infection Challenges and Solutions, G. Manivannan
    Sisyphus in the Microbial World Revisited: Global Governance, Antimicrobial Strategies, and Humanity’s Health, D.P. Fidler
    The Need for Safer and Better Microbicides for Infection Control, S.A. Sattar and S. Springthorpe
    Microbiological Concerns in Non-Sterile Manufacturing, J. Kirby Farrington and J. Polarine
    New Technologies in Disinfection and Infection Control, J.A. Ramirez
    Biocides: Modes of Action and Mechanisms of Resistance, G. McDonnell
    A Pragmatic Approach to Judicious Selection and Proper Use of Disinfectant and Antiseptic Agents in Healthcare Settings, V. Suljagic
    Extended Activity of Health Care Antiseptic Products, J.L. Newman and N.E. Kaiser
    Disinfectant Rotation in a Cleaning Disinfection Program for Clean Rooms and Controlled Environments, S.V.W. Sutton
    Reprocessing Flexible Endoscopes: Origin of Standards, Overview of Structure Function, and Review of Recent Outbreaks, T.A. Antonucci, N. Williams, and N. Robinson
    Microbiological Testing of Disinfectants and Decontaminants for Critical Surfaces, D.A. Klein
    Regulatory Constraints on Disinfectants and Decontamination, M.G. Sarli
    Biofilms: A Summarized Account and Control Strategies, K. Nandakumar and K.R. Sreekumari
    Consequences of Biofilms on Indwelling Medical Devices: Costs and Prevention, J.G. Thomas, L. Nakaishi, and L. Corum
    Infection-Resistant Implantable Devices: Biofilm Problems and Design Strategies, A.W. Smith and S. Perera
    Infections of Intracardiac Devices, G.A. Yesenosky, S.W. Sinner, S.P. Kutalek, and A.R. Tunkel
    Intrauterine Devices: Infections and Biofilms, B.M.J. Pereira and V. Pruthi
    Antimicrobial Urinary Catheters, D.J. Stickler and N.A. Sabbuba
    Risk Factors for Postoperative Infectious Complications after Abdominal Surgery, P. Pessaux and E. Lermite


    Gurusamy Manivannan

    "The title is attractive and stimulating, and review of the topics that it implies is timely . . . this book contains material of interest to many microbiologists, and may be recommended for library purchase."

    – Niall Logan, Glasgow Caledonian University, in Society for General Microbiology, Feb 2009