1st Edition

Dislocations in Solids

Edited By Hiroshi Suzuki, Sumino, Takeuchi, Ninomiya Copyright 1985

    This volume comprises the Proceedings of the Yamada Conference IX on Dislocations in Solids, held in August 1984 in Tokyo. The purpose of the conference was two-fold: firstly to evaluate the increasing data on basic properties of dislocations and their interaction with other types of defects in solids and, secondly, to increase understanding of the material properties brought about by dislocation-related phenomena. Metals and alloys, semi-conductors and ions crystals were discussed. One of the important points of contention was the electronic state at the core of dislocation. Another was the dislocation model of amorphous structure.

    Preface, Participants List, I - Elastic Theory, II - Atomic Structure, III - Electrons and Phonons in Dislocated Crystals, IV - Fundamental Processes in Dislocation Motion, V - Dislocations in Metals: Interaction with Point Defects, VI - Dislocations in Metals: Motion, VII - Dislocations in Semiconductors: Electronic States, VIII - Dislocations in Semiconductors: Interaction with Point Defects, IX - Dislocations in Semiconductors: Motion, X - Dislocations in Ionic Crystals, XI - Dislocations in Special Materials / partial contents


    Suzuki\, Hiroshi; Sumino\, ; Takeuchi\, ; Ninomiya\,