1st Edition

Dismantling Diversity Management Introducing an Ethical Performance Improvement Campaign

By Jude Smith Rachele Copyright 2017
    136 Pages
    by Routledge

    136 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Global diversity and inclusion management practice is in a state of arrested development. Leaders and practitioners are caught in grooves which are no longer effective, if they ever were. In Dismantling Diversity Management, Dr. Jude Smith Rachele takes a big leap in propounding that businesses, given the incredible complexity of the world’s social, economic and political fabric, must embrace morality and not just seek to act merely for reasons of legal compliance or profit. It presents a joined up system of diversity, which also extends beyond human resources into the wider fields of organization and leadership development.

    The book emphasizes the vital importance of ethical and values-driven leadership and of living, not just spouting out, corporate values. Jude provides a valuable contribution to the international field of diversity management as she highlights the key flaws in traditional diversity management thinking, and presents to the reader a clear picture of the barriers in place which make it difficult for practitioners, leaders and all of those committed to social justice to achieve desired outcomes within organizations. This book is a courageous and refreshing look at diversity. It not only provides a bold critique of how corporate structure has co-opted people into a diversity management model which perpetuates, rather than, transforms the status quo, it also maps out how to break this ineffective cycle.

    Dismantling Diversity Management will be of interest to organizational development professionals, diversity and inclusion practitioners, senior executive officers and human resource and talent management professionals.

    Chapter 1. Dismantling Diversity Management

    Chapter 2. The interminable quest for social justice

    Chapter 3. The interminable quest for social justice

    Chapter 4. Conquering Diversity Inertia

    Chapter 5. Mangerialism Maims: The dangers of command and control

    Chapter 6. The Diversity Quality Cycle: Tackling institutional barriers

    Chapter 7. Research for the Love of Action

    Chapter 8. Study #1 - An Action Research Case Study to Further Our Education

    Chapter 9. Confessions of a Diversity & Inclusion Professional

    Chapter 10. The Dynamics of the Diversity Quality Cycle

    Chapter 11. Study #2 - A World According to Diversity & Inclusion Professionals

    Chapter 12. Embracing an Ethical Performance Improvement Campaign


    Jude Smith Rachele, originally from the USA, has lived and worked internationally, across EMEA and the Americas. Having started her career as a diversity and inclusion specialist, she has branched out her practice to include business ethics, leadership and organizational development. Jude holds a BA, in Psychology, and a PhD in Business & Law.

    "This is an inspirational book. Jude combines her passion for social justice with rigorous analysis and her extensive experience of business governance and leadership in assessing the state of diversity management in organisations today. The result is a pragmatic view of what’s working and isn’t working in the world of diversity management and an offer of a much needed new way ahead. A must read for any leader who is really serious about building greater diversity and inclusion in their organisation and in society."

    Dr. Gillian Shapiro, Managing Director, Shapiro Consulting Ltd