2nd Edition

Disordered Semiconductors Second Edition Physics and Applications

Edited By Anatoly Popov Copyright 2010
    340 Pages
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

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    Devices based on disordered semiconductors have wide applications. It is difficult to imagine modern life without printers and copiers, LCD monitors and TVs, optical disks, economical solar cells, and many other devices based on disordered semiconductors. However, nowadays books that discuss disordered (amorphous, nanocrystalline, microcrystalline) semiconductors focus, as a rule, on either physics of materials or physics of devices that are based on these materials. This book connects characteristic features of the atomic and electronic structures of disordered semiconductors and the device design process on the basis of these materials.

    Compared with the first edition, this book takes into account the latest developments of disordered semiconductors and devices. It has new sections on the structures of carbon-based amorphous and nanocomposite films and atomic and electronic structures of organic semiconductors.

    Atomic Structure of Disordered Semiconductors.  Electronic Structure and Properties of Disordered Semiconductors. Methods for Controlling Properties of Disordered Semiconductors.  Preparation Methods of Disordered Semiconductor Films.  Optical Information Storage and Transmission Devices.  Photoelectric Devices based on Disordered Semiconductors.  Electronic Devices based on Disordered Semiconductors


    Anatoly Popov